Three little birds on a string

Have you seen Elena Shumilova's flickr page?  If you haven't then go check it out:

The woman is amazing with a camera and natural light and has great editing skills.  I am super impressed.  I for sure need Light Room or Photoshop for my birthday.

Of course her page inspired me to want to take more pictures...and then I'm just frustrated now with the lack of clarity in my pictures due to shooting in JPEG.  Hence why I need a real editing program so I can shoot in RAW.  
But Mischief happily cooperated for a quick photo shoot before breakfast. Going for a rustic home-y feel.

Here is where the post title comes from.  There were birds on the power lines and she began making up a cute little song about three birds on a string, refering to those.


Katie Bell said…
I love, love, love the picture showing her feet. Charming.
Seth said…
It doesn't have fabulous editing options, but Picasa can open RAW images from my camera.
Mandi said…
oh my goodness!! her outfit and bow. i am dying over here
Oh my goodness!! I LOVE the pictures of her in the window!! She is precious!!

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