We've been busy

We're a bit thrilled here to have some fresh snow.

It actually rained all last night and I was very worried that it would freeze over night and then snow today thus resulting in hidden ice, but thankfully it stayed warm (warm being subjective) and so we safely got Daddy to work and Drama Queen to school.
The snowflakes are fluffy and clumping together as they fall making big soft flakes of snow.  It's lovely and exciting.  We were very ready for some more snow.

This week our house finally got clean again some more!  My best friend from Junior High/High school came up for the baptism of a nephew this past week.  On Monday night I went to a gorgeous baby shower for her thrown by her sister and sister-in-law, both who live up here with their families.  It was the best baby shower I have ever been to.  Old friends, delicious food, NO GAMES, quilt tying.  Totally worth driving out to even with a number of u-turns because I am not familiar with the city they live in....which might as well be way out in the desert! Oh Eagle Mountain, please put in more street lights!

The next day she came over to visit and so our kids could get a chance to play together.  Hence why my house got clean.  Cleanest it has been since Christmas Eve!
  Her kids are great.  We had a grand time having them over.  Mischief would like them to move up here.  She has declared the boy to be handsome. Their kids are all darling but the youngest is just a little doll.  Too bad they live in California!

Yesterday we had a mellow Mr. Man's day off.  Just stayed home and played video games actually.  We did do dishes and I made lunch and dinner, then when the kids were in bed I mopped the kitchen and my bathroom got cleaned for the first time this year.  My main goal this year is to be a better housekeeper.  I'm really not good at it.  A self cleaning house would be fantastic.  Okay not really because I do actually enjoy the cleaning to some degree once I convince myself to do it.  It's satisfying somehow.  

Mischief has started asking how to spell words and it is showing us that she really does know many of her letters.  If she does not remember what a letter looks like she'll run to our Alphabet chart and sing her ABCs until she gets to the right letter.  We pick up her kindergarten registration packet next week.  AHHH!  We also re-enroll for our Target health insurance next month and after we get our new cards I'll take her in for her kindergarten physical, and to get a few more immunizations.  Not sure which she has had and hasn't had.  Sunshine actually doesn't have most of hers.  I'm still on the fence regarding vaccines.  I support some(like polio, measles, etc) but not all(like chicken pox...yes I understand some children have died from chicken pox, but I don't think it needs a vaccine...we don't get flu shots either.)

Sunshine is doing great with potty training!  Sometimes she does not want to sit on the potty, but more often than not stays dry until she does get to the potty.  She's even worn panties on outings a few times with no accidents.  She has also immersed herself in the terrible part of being 2.  And has also stopped sleeping through the night, we've gone back to everyone's door closed at night because it's the only way I get sleep and I am horribly cranky when I am tired, so her having to cry a bit is actually better than me getting up when she does wake up.  Or so we've discovered over the last two weeks.  

This week I made muffins(gluten-free) for Mischief and everyone to munch on, and I made cheddar drop biscuits (gluteny) which were yummy.  I spent last weekend sewing, made a shirt, shorts, pinny dress, and bloomers for Mischief and Sunshine....since they have the same measurements they can share.  It's great!

And now the blog is all caught up.  Sorry for neglecting you blog, I tend to just post everything on facebook because I can actually see that other people are looking/reading.  :)


sleepless said…
Thanks for all the info. and cute photos ! Dave came too I see..Awesome, visitors ! Glad you have somewhat of a life ! You are doing great...keep doing it !
Laurel said…
We had a fun time in Utah and I'm so glad that you got to come to the shower and we got to visit with you guys. We are sad we missed DQ!

When it came time to leave Sophie cried and said that she would be so lonely in CA without her cousins and friends in Utah. We said, "What about all our friends in CA?" To which she replied, "We ONLY HAVE FRIENDS IN UTAH!" She refused to acknowledge any of her CA friends. I finally convinced her it would be OK to go to CA when I reminded her that is where Disneyland is.

Anyway, it was great seeing you and your girls!
Laurel said…
P.S. I read your blog and I do not have Facebook so thanks for updating!
Laurel said…
Also, of course it snows right when we leave!
Juli said…
Well, that is a lot of catching up. We have had lots of snow, even for January here. Not saying that I'm much excited about it though.

I am also stand off-ish when it comes to vaccines. We have had all the biggies (and chicken pox) but don't do flu.
Youngest has a bad reaction to all shots, having something in them set of his ASD symptoms. I'd advise you to check the ingredients thoroughly for GF issues, and then go with your gut decision.

I also stink at cleaning house, yet when I do get to do a full cleaning.... I feel awesome. I think a good once over is due this weekend. Love it when it's all lemony fresh.

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