Welcome to February

Drama Queen got a glowing report from her teachers yesterday at Parent Teacher Conference.  If she hadn't begged not to do advanced placement testing, I'd totally be calling the district to see if it is too late.  As it is her teachers are doing what they can to help her go further where she is.  She is beyond the cap they have on reading testing.  For on Grade Level the score for whatever the testing was needed to be 28 in fiction, but she is beyond 28 in non-fiction which comes after fiction. The test only goes that far so they are certain she is well beyond that also.  In math she is right where she needs to be and apparently helps her classmates come up with other problem solving strategies. The things they are going to work on with her are using other grammar things such as quotation marks and parenthesis - not something they cover in 2nd grade, but she's already got everything else down.  And the only thing they could suggest to us to do is to help her advance in reading aloud, being able to read fluently and using expression then checking comprehension of it.  I don't know what the current tests are but I assume the NWEA testing is something similar to the STAR testing they did when I was a kid.  For that the score kids at her grade level are supposed to have is 186, in the Fall her score was 189 and the winter testing her score advanced to 201 - apparently a 10 point increase is really good, and she went up 12 points after already being ahead 3.
I'm quite pleased to have a quick and good learner!
Her teachers also said that they love having her for a student.
She's the sort of kid who hangs out with the teacher on duty during recess - but still has friends.  Which is good.

Today we took down the snowflake curtain and put up our valentine envelopes (do you like our 'stained glass' window?  A blanket over the window in addition to plastic over the window really does help!)

The girls then decided to make it snow


Juli said…
That's fantastic. Often times kids have excelling scores in one area with a severe deficiency in another. School rarely have any idea what to do with a child that excels without the deficient part.

Hopefully they can keep her engaged. As she gets older it will be more and more difficult (that's where we are at now), but I know she'll be great!! :)
Jamie Hatch said…
I didn't realize you had such a smarty-pants! Go Maddie! Love your stained glass and bday envelopes!
Love your valentine envelopes! How cute are they?

And I cannot get over how big the girls are getting!!! Sheesh...get busy with life and neglect blogs, and peoples' kids grow. Who'da thunk it?

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