Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sometime last night i must have had a dream that then left me feeling lost when I woke up. No big porch. No sweet little girls in fantastic white dresses and big blue bows. No large lawn with big shady trees.  

Yesterday amongst many other things the girls helped get our first round of seeds started. I did 6 cells of lemon balm. I am very hopeful it grows  so we can enjoy some sun tea on the porch this summer. Still wish we could change our porch to have boards instead or the horrid astro turf, but until it is Mr. Man's idea It'll be just my wishful thinking. 

We had such a nice day yesterday. Everyone got along well, we did crafts and other activities, it was just super nice. 

Not so today. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Me, as I walk with Sunshine to the girls room to get her dressed and spy the floor littered with bits of peel, "Mischief, Please pick up the cutie peels and put them in the trash
Sunshine, "Oh, they my peels mom."
Me, "Well they don't belong on the floor."
Sunshine, "That good place for them mom."
Me, "No, it's not. The trash is a good place for them."
Sunshine, "Oh. It okay, DQ will throw them away."

Yes, your majesty....little booger, you know better!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

It comes from a bean so it's salad, right?

Sunshine came to me after eating a minature Hershey's Krackel, and asked for another.  "It good!" she says, "Healthy for me. MMmmmmm"

I told her to get pajammas and about 15 minutes later Mischief yells that Sunshine still isn't in jammas.  Sunshine immediately grabs some and comes running to me with them.  I take them and tell her to go get a diaper and wipes.  "Why?" She asks, and instantly covers her mouth and starts snickering.  Goober.  Once we're over binky trauma we're focusing on potty training!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Super cookie day!

For Mischief. 
Mommy and Daddy's friend Leann was in Portland Oregon and picked up some fresh baked cookies for Mischief from Petunia's, a gluten free bakery.  They arrived today. So yummy. Totally do not taste Gluten free!  

We also recieved a box from my Aunt who mailed us some Animated scripture movies and some girl scout cookies. Including ones that Mischief can eat!  

Thank you Leann and Aunt Debby!

Bye bye Binky

This morning I propositioned Sunshine with the possiblity of exchanging her binkies for a Pluto toy.  She responded with, "And Daisy."  You drive a hard bargain kid.  Two binkies two toys.  

I figured it was something we would do this weekend.  But come nap time today she said, "I tired mom" and I said, oh! It is nap time!  And she said "No Pluto mom."  So apparently she was ready to make the trade NOW.  We headed to the Disney store and she walked straight to the stuffed character display grabbed Daisy, grabbed Pluto and headed to the front.  The main cast member there started talking to her and I explained she was giving up her binkies in exchange for these friends.  She immediately went along with the plan which I hadn't had to explain at all!  Hazel gave over her pacifiers for payment and helped put Pluto and Daisy into a bag that had Mickey and Minnie on it, and she gave the reciept to Sunshine saying to said that Sunshine was now a big girl and no longer had pacifiers.

And yes, nap time was hard.  I'm sure bedtime will be worse.

Update:  Bedtime wasn't as bad overall.  Instead of mentioning binky she told me about how she bought Pluto and Daisy....and then cried about it being too dark and needing two coloring books...yep I gave her the books, put new batteries in her slumber buddy, and she was asleep within minutes of solving those things.

Oh.  Spoke to soon she just started crying again....
Sunshine, in her I'm going to cry voice, "Hey dat my bowl.  Need my bowl.  Ellaphina sick.  Need her bowl!"

Yes, that's right, we apparently have a puke-y stuffed elephant.....

Sunshine threw up on the drive home from Logan on Monday and is still pretty focused on that, fretting every time we get in the car to go somewhere other than DQ's school or daddy's work.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Sunday in Logan

We played at Grandma's house (Grandma Jo and Granddad are still serving their mission for our church in the Philippines, but Mr. Man's 2nd to youngest sister lives there with her husband, Jami) then went and walked around the Tabernacle and then the Temple.  Then we went to a park before having dinner with Tawnya and Jami.  It was a great little vacation.

Sunday Portraits

 Mischief was not interested in having her picture taken this weekend.  So here is a picture of her enjoying Uncle Jami's cat Midnight.

More of Saturday Evening's cookout

A few more pictures from Saturday evening at Mr. Man's sister's house.  She made him a birthday cake!  Isn't it awesome?  The next day was his birthday, so I really appreciated it!

 Their front porch faces the sunset, so there was marvelous lighting.
 Cousins and 2nd cousins roasting hot dogs together.

 Mischief absolutely loved the fire.  She sat out there for hours, eventually was cold but would not leave her spot by the fire to go get her coat.  I eventually brought it to her.  She's our outdoorsy girl.

Sunshine absolutely loved the "rollercoaster" in their back yard. She thought it was the greatest thing ever and kept going on it for about half an hour. rolling down, push the car back up the hill, try to hop on before it started rolling down again, laughing with carefree delight when she didn't quite make it and tumbled down instead....
 Aunt Jamie kindly left the egg gathering of the day for the girls to do!  I absolutely love their coop!

 View to the "city" from their back yard.
The big lighted building is the LDS Logan Temple.

Hopping the border

We always like to drive up to Idaho so we can say we went out of state.  We went up to Franklin and played at the park at the edge of town.  It only has swings, one of which tried to take a bite out of me...due to my forgetting it was a good 6 inches longer than the seat.

Gossner Foods

 We had a nice little vacation this weekend to the top of the state, if you hadn't noticed by the flurry of posts full of phone pictures.

One of our favorite places to stop is at the Cheese Factory.  They weren't doing anything in the factory part when we were there, but we enjoyed getting flavored milk and cheese curds.  I was surprised I really like the pizza flavor cheese curds.  They were herb-y and garlic-y and just yummy.

 The girls posing with their flavored milk boxes

Saturday, March 8, 2014