Appenzell Farm

Many years ago when Mr. Man's parents started building their house We visited them and went to church with them and the Relief society lesson was on preparedness and one of the ladies who spoke had long long hair and a fabulous flowy dress and talked about having oils in her emergency kit (I think that was the first time, I could be mixing up a few Sundays). Anyway, years later I learned this lady and her family had acreage and then later I discovered they now have a CSA(community supported agriculture) for their farm. But you dont have to be a member of it to buy eggs. Today we went to Appenzell farm and got eggs. Drama Queen was far braver than her mother and asked if we could see the chickens. So much fun for all of us. The girls have requested to go back tomorrow to play with the dogs.


Jamie Hatch said…
We'll have to save our eggs on Saturday for your girls to come and collect. Our kids had so much fun with their cousins yesterday, thanks for letting them hang with us.

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