Bye bye Binky

This morning I propositioned Sunshine with the possiblity of exchanging her binkies for a Pluto toy.  She responded with, "And Daisy."  You drive a hard bargain kid.  Two binkies two toys.  

I figured it was something we would do this weekend.  But come nap time today she said, "I tired mom" and I said, oh! It is nap time!  And she said "No Pluto mom."  So apparently she was ready to make the trade NOW.  We headed to the Disney store and she walked straight to the stuffed character display grabbed Daisy, grabbed Pluto and headed to the front.  The main cast member there started talking to her and I explained she was giving up her binkies in exchange for these friends.  She immediately went along with the plan which I hadn't had to explain at all!  Hazel gave over her pacifiers for payment and helped put Pluto and Daisy into a bag that had Mickey and Minnie on it, and she gave the reciept to Sunshine saying to said that Sunshine was now a big girl and no longer had pacifiers.

And yes, nap time was hard.  I'm sure bedtime will be worse.

Update:  Bedtime wasn't as bad overall.  Instead of mentioning binky she told me about how she bought Pluto and Daisy....and then cried about it being too dark and needing two coloring books...yep I gave her the books, put new batteries in her slumber buddy, and she was asleep within minutes of solving those things.

Oh.  Spoke to soon she just started crying again....


Laurel said…
Sounds like that was pretty successful, at least she was on board with the trade!

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