More of Saturday Evening's cookout

A few more pictures from Saturday evening at Mr. Man's sister's house.  She made him a birthday cake!  Isn't it awesome?  The next day was his birthday, so I really appreciated it!

 Their front porch faces the sunset, so there was marvelous lighting.
 Cousins and 2nd cousins roasting hot dogs together.

 Mischief absolutely loved the fire.  She sat out there for hours, eventually was cold but would not leave her spot by the fire to go get her coat.  I eventually brought it to her.  She's our outdoorsy girl.

Sunshine absolutely loved the "rollercoaster" in their back yard. She thought it was the greatest thing ever and kept going on it for about half an hour. rolling down, push the car back up the hill, try to hop on before it started rolling down again, laughing with carefree delight when she didn't quite make it and tumbled down instead....
 Aunt Jamie kindly left the egg gathering of the day for the girls to do!  I absolutely love their coop!

 View to the "city" from their back yard.
The big lighted building is the LDS Logan Temple.


bex said…
Fun post, love the cake and that the girls got to gather eggs!
sleepless said…
It is so Awesome that you all got a great adventure on Jordans birthday weekend !

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