Sometime last night i must have had a dream that then left me feeling lost when I woke up. No big porch. No sweet little girls in fantastic white dresses and big blue bows. No large lawn with big shady trees.  

Yesterday amongst many other things the girls helped get our first round of seeds started. I did 6 cells of lemon balm. I am very hopeful it grows  so we can enjoy some sun tea on the porch this summer. Still wish we could change our porch to have boards instead or the horrid astro turf, but until it is Mr. Man's idea It'll be just my wishful thinking. 

We had such a nice day yesterday. Everyone got along well, we did crafts and other activities, it was just super nice. 

Not so today. 


Laurel said…
Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes!

That's a good idea for Easter. :)

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