Still here.

Glasses for Sunshine made by DQ

WAITING FOR DADDY's shift to be done so we can all go home, this is a 3x a week event. Pick up DQ then head straight to work to walk around until daddy's shift is over, hopefully running into him along the way so we can find out approx. what time that will be. 

Sometimes the time seems to take forever

A fairy scared by a dinosaur roaring at her, by Mischief

Mr. Man cleaned out the shed

Sunshine puts up with my whims. 

Mr. Man's uniquely numbered book thanks to the author. 
My nephew came to visit. He wasn'tvery sure   about us, but didn't cry at all.

Got drawer organizers from target on clearance, now it will be do much easier to find what we need!

Have you watch the youtube video of the 4 year old and her daddy singing tonight you belong to me?  One of our all time most watched favorites. 

I will not admit to how hard it was to find this fabric nor how much I paid for it. It sold out super fast. 

My other new fabrics. Because I totally needed  more fabric, right? My patient husband continues to put up with me. Making spring clothes for the girls. It was my compromise...with no one. See I wanted the Persnickety Clothing spring lines, except my two favorite pieces were the most expensive ($96 and $134) for two little girl dresses. So instead I bought fabric with the same feel for the cost of a single outfit and all three girls will get new clothes that they don't really actually need!  Cause I'm super awesome like that. 

In other news, DQ has finished the first Book in the Adventurers Wanted series and has begun the 2nd. For school they are having some sort of economics day activity where everyone in the 2nd grade are working on making things to sell or services (nail painting, hair braiding, etc) to render. Love it!  DQ and her best friend are making crafts to sell. 

Mischief has been moody, irritable, and not sleeping. She was up at 5:30 this morning and got half the house up as well. 

Sunshine talks more and more everyday. She has become picky about food, just wants snacks no actual meals. She is good about nap time, even if she doesn't sleep during it she cheerfully goes in her crib for two hours. 

Mr. Man has discovered Magic the Gathering. He goes to my brother's house about once a week to play and a week ago went to a tournament at a local game shop with my brother. I was once a player so it doesn't bother me. My deck was stolen in high school and I haven't played since. Mr. Man just has to accept that every time her buys a booster I get to buy a sewing pattern or yard of fabric. 


Laurel said…
You are still there! How was your birthday?
Katie Bell said…
Bryce plays Magic. I don't really get it. But I do understand the internal negotiation to buy things I don't really need. It makes inside my head while I'm doing it...famous last words.

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