Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sewing lessons

In addition to sewing machine lessons, I picked up a vintage sewing book for Drama Queen. She eagerly got started on her book, and quickly learned that I was not going to guide her through the instructions since she can read them herself. I helped her learn some stitches and when she is stuck she knows to come for help then. She needed much less help on the second project, she getting the hang of reading and following the directions! 

First project was a needle case. 

The second was a pin cushion. She forgot about trying to do small even stitches like on the needle case. 

It is fun having a little sewer!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

I am grateful for all our savior, Jesus Christ, has done for us.

We don't do Easter bunny, but we do do baskets and egg hunts because it's fun.
Yesterday we went to our city egg hunt.  Which is separated by age groups.  Sunshine went with Daddy over to the 0-3 hunt, Mischief stayed with me for the 4-6 egg hunt and Drama Queen bravely went by herself to the other side of the field for the 7-10 age group's egg hunt.  I discovered I did not bring the camera battery or memory card, so here are some pictures Daddy got of Hazel who got a LOT of candy.

Drama Queen got an egg with a prize number and now has her very own Cars camping chair.   I used daddy's phone to grab a picture of them together in their Easter dresses that were a bit of a bugger to make.  Mainly because I'd never done invisible zippers before and I had to do it twice on Mischief's.

This morning they did a scavenger hunt to find things to put in their baskets after reading What is Easter?

Then we took a few pictures and will go to church in an hour.

I made the bunny too.  Had planned to make 3 but...well obviously that didn't happen....and thanks a million times over to Myrinda who got Mischief's hat for me!  I had posted on facebook how much I loved it and wondered if they'd reserve it for me until payday, and they said they would but then it disappeared, only to show up at my house a few weeks later!  So awesome.  Really made my day and still does every time we get it out!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Total Solar Eclipse with blood moon

And then we went to 3 am, so I didn't get the full ending of it...passing of it...whatever word you use...

Monday, April 14, 2014

The playroom

As this year has gone by, the toys have been played with less and less.  Everything pulled out and scattered as they searched for something they did want to play with.  And then no interest in obeying and cleaning up after themselves.  The few times it did get picked up involved many tears.  Spring break was last week for us and the girls did not play with the toys at all, resulting in me finally going ahead and getting rid of toys.

I have trouble getting rid of toys because I remember who gave them to us and to which child and I cringe at the money wasted.  But whether it is lying in our house being ignored and walked upon, or in a donation bag, it's the same is it not?  I wish I could declare to all, "NO TOYS PLEASE!"  but I have trouble holding normal conversations with the neighbor, how am I supposed to say, hey, my kids don't actually play with any of these things, so while they're lovely, they're not worth the purchase.  

Things that do get played with will be put upon the shelves, the games and puzzles, the blocks, the farm animals and the lalaloopsy dolls.  Sunshine plays Lalaloopsy almost daily fitting herself into any space she can make in the playroom.
For a while we had boxes of toys in the shed to switch out when the girls got bored of the ones in the house, but that only resulted in them spending a day or three playing with the toys before being bored again.  So I'm eliminating that.  What's in the house will be what we have and it will be minimal.  I'm working on minimizing all the stuff we have.  I've pulled another 3 bags of fabric out of my stash, one of which has already gone to a new home, and little girl clothes will be next.  I'm tired of the mess, I'm tired of the nagging picking it up requires, especially when I am not picking up my own messes.  I'm tired of the laundry, I'm tired of the neglected things.  So it's gone.  Or in the process of going at least.  I constantly think, If we were moving, I wouldn't be taking this or this or that.  So why don't I just get rid of those items now, even with it years before we'll be moving.  Might as well master my demons now.  My word for this year is Simplify after all.

Our seeds are started.  The lemon balm did not grow but one, which is sad.  I was looking forward to it for sun tea this summer.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Break

Our big adventure for Spring Break was a trip down to visit Aunt Audrey and Uncle Bret.  Uncle Bret's family are farmers and have a dairy farm as well.  We quickly got our chores done in the morning and headed South.

After a stop at their apartment we followed Aunt Audrey two towns over to where Uncle Bret's parents live.  Which is out in the middle of no where surrounded by fields his family owns.

His father recently built this greenhouse, look how big their pea plants are there by the window! Ours are just a few inches tall and we planted them in March!  They also had some chicks in the greenhouse, I didn't get any pictures of their chicken coop but it is next to the green house.

We crossed one of the oat/alfalfa fields to the pond to see the geese, which chose to not be there at the time.

Drama Queen just loved their dog, Tigger.
There was a fun rope swing and the girls amused themselves by throwing rocks into the pond and swinging while Uncle Bret headed down from his Grandpa's end of the farm to pick us up.

We had a great new experience of riding in the back of the pick up truck!  We went up to Uncle Bret's grandparent's house to pick up a 4-wheeler.  The Teenage cows and older calves live up that way.

There were also a large variety of fowl.
And a really awesome slide that only Drama Queen was brave enough to go down.
Drama Queen and Mischief rode back to the house in the back of the truck, while Mischief and I rode on the back of the 4-wheeler Daddy drove.
She LOVED it.
We got all gassed up and followed Uncle Bret on an adventure off roading to see the petroglyphs.

After climbing on the rocks for a bit, we headed off to see the dairy farm.  Sunshine actually fell asleep on the way there.  This is the only picture with me sort of in it....
We got to pet the baby calves

 Mischief has been asking for weeks if pigs are real, she just wasn't sure since she'd never seen one herself.  Happily, Bret's Uncle had some pigs!

 I didn't get any pictures inside the dairy as it was quite dark and busy, but the girls were fascinated to see the machines and the pipes that lead to the tanks that hold the milk.
We then drove the 4-wheelers back to the farm and Uncle Bret caught the horses so the girls could have a ride.
Drama Queen has ridden at Uncle Jotham's a few times, so she's a pro already.  It was Mischief and Sunshine's first time though.

 They both loved it and asked for another ride.

Thank you Aunt Audrey, Uncle Bret, and baby!
We headed back up by way of the Manti Temple.  It was Mr. Man's first time at the Manti temple, and he agreed with me that it is one of the most beautiful.

It was a very fun day, we had all sorts of new experiences and it was just happy all around.  Aunt Audrey took great care in preparing food for us so Mischief had no contamination issues!  We all got our first sunburns, but the girls don't mind they want to go back again!