Our first camping trip of the year!  Possibly Sunshine's first camping trip ever....all but 2 of Mr. Man's siblings and their families and us reserved a group camp site on Antelope island.  Is the beginning  of April a cold time to camp?  Oh yes.  BUT then you don't deal with the bugs that are usually all over.  It was worth the trade off.

 Aunts and Uncles brought kites, and the weather was perfect for flying them.

 After a dinner of hot dogs we enjoyed roasting marshmallows.

 After a chilly night's rest, or lack of rest - Sunshine needs her own sleeping bag, she is WAY too big to share with me now and she snored right in my ear most of the night - Drama Queen, Mischief and I headed up the trail up the hill next to our campsite.

 Parts of it were really quite steep. It was fun to look down at our camp.
 Drama Queen made it to the top first.
 It was an amazing view of the island.

 Up the road at the top of the hill there is a bathroom, a building, and some free telescopes/binoculars.

 We saw a fun bit of rainbow on the Great Salt Lake, a sign of the impending rainstorm.

 The island is home to bison.  Which means free fuel!  Buffalo chips!

 With the storm heading toward us across the lake we all quickly packed up.  It was a fun albeit brief overnight trip, one that I've requested to do again.  The girls and I will go back sometime either this week or this summer as we didn't get a chance to head down to the beach to check out the lake up close.


Beth said…
The pictures look Great!! It was fun to have so many of us there.
Laurel said…
We went to Antelope Island years ago when Matthew was a baby. We loved it, camping there looks like a lot of fun. I was just telling David that we need to go camping this summer!

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