Happy Easter!

I am grateful for all our savior, Jesus Christ, has done for us.

We don't do Easter bunny, but we do do baskets and egg hunts because it's fun.
Yesterday we went to our city egg hunt.  Which is separated by age groups.  Sunshine went with Daddy over to the 0-3 hunt, Mischief stayed with me for the 4-6 egg hunt and Drama Queen bravely went by herself to the other side of the field for the 7-10 age group's egg hunt.  I discovered I did not bring the camera battery or memory card, so here are some pictures Daddy got of Hazel who got a LOT of candy.

Drama Queen got an egg with a prize number and now has her very own Cars camping chair.   I used daddy's phone to grab a picture of them together in their Easter dresses that were a bit of a bugger to make.  Mainly because I'd never done invisible zippers before and I had to do it twice on Mischief's.

This morning they did a scavenger hunt to find things to put in their baskets after reading What is Easter?

Then we took a few pictures and will go to church in an hour.

I made the bunny too.  Had planned to make 3 but...well obviously that didn't happen....and thanks a million times over to Myrinda who got Mischief's hat for me!  I had posted on facebook how much I loved it and wondered if they'd reserve it for me until payday, and they said they would but then it disappeared, only to show up at my house a few weeks later!  So awesome.  Really made my day and still does every time we get it out!


Beth said…
Those dresses are adorable. Great job!
sleepless said…
Thanks for sharing...Love it. Glad she won the chair !..and H got lots of stuff ! It is awesome that you got those photos of the moon..thanks for sharing...I got the times mixed up for here and only saw your next to last photo...
Juli said…
I hate putting in zippers. The dresses look beautiful!!

We went low key this year... just a few candies and trinkets for the boys. OH!! I found a great GF cookie recipe on pinterest... chocolate lava cookies from good housekeeping. Yum!
Laurel said…
Those dresses are so sweet! My girls love matching so I bet that was really fun for them.

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