Sewing lessons

In addition to sewing machine lessons, I picked up a vintage sewing book for Drama Queen. She eagerly got started on her book, and quickly learned that I was not going to guide her through the instructions since she can read them herself. I helped her learn some stitches and when she is stuck she knows to come for help then. She needed much less help on the second project, she getting the hang of reading and following the directions! 

First project was a needle case. 

The second was a pin cushion. She forgot about trying to do small even stitches like on the needle case. 

It is fun having a little sewer!


Beth said…
Way to go drama queen! So fun to see her learning to do it on her own.
sleepless said…
Wonderful...we need another sewer in the family...I LOVE to sew, I hope you will love it too !! Great start !!
sleepless said…
Thanks for taking photos Mother Day of you and the girls !...and sharing them !!

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