Spring Break

Our big adventure for Spring Break was a trip down to visit Aunt Audrey and Uncle Bret.  Uncle Bret's family are farmers and have a dairy farm as well.  We quickly got our chores done in the morning and headed South.

After a stop at their apartment we followed Aunt Audrey two towns over to where Uncle Bret's parents live.  Which is out in the middle of no where surrounded by fields his family owns.

His father recently built this greenhouse, look how big their pea plants are there by the window! Ours are just a few inches tall and we planted them in March!  They also had some chicks in the greenhouse, I didn't get any pictures of their chicken coop but it is next to the green house.

We crossed one of the oat/alfalfa fields to the pond to see the geese, which chose to not be there at the time.

Drama Queen just loved their dog, Tigger.
There was a fun rope swing and the girls amused themselves by throwing rocks into the pond and swinging while Uncle Bret headed down from his Grandpa's end of the farm to pick us up.

We had a great new experience of riding in the back of the pick up truck!  We went up to Uncle Bret's grandparent's house to pick up a 4-wheeler.  The Teenage cows and older calves live up that way.

There were also a large variety of fowl.
And a really awesome slide that only Drama Queen was brave enough to go down.
Drama Queen and Mischief rode back to the house in the back of the truck, while Mischief and I rode on the back of the 4-wheeler Daddy drove.
She LOVED it.
We got all gassed up and followed Uncle Bret on an adventure off roading to see the petroglyphs.

After climbing on the rocks for a bit, we headed off to see the dairy farm.  Sunshine actually fell asleep on the way there.  This is the only picture with me sort of in it....
We got to pet the baby calves

 Mischief has been asking for weeks if pigs are real, she just wasn't sure since she'd never seen one herself.  Happily, Bret's Uncle had some pigs!

 I didn't get any pictures inside the dairy as it was quite dark and busy, but the girls were fascinated to see the machines and the pipes that lead to the tanks that hold the milk.
We then drove the 4-wheelers back to the farm and Uncle Bret caught the horses so the girls could have a ride.
Drama Queen has ridden at Uncle Jotham's a few times, so she's a pro already.  It was Mischief and Sunshine's first time though.

 They both loved it and asked for another ride.

Thank you Aunt Audrey, Uncle Bret, and baby!
We headed back up by way of the Manti Temple.  It was Mr. Man's first time at the Manti temple, and he agreed with me that it is one of the most beautiful.

It was a very fun day, we had all sorts of new experiences and it was just happy all around.  Aunt Audrey took great care in preparing food for us so Mischief had no contamination issues!  We all got our first sunburns, but the girls don't mind they want to go back again!


Jamie Hatch said…
how fun! I'm impressed Ava decided to ride this time! I'm anxious to do a session in Manti, it is so pretty. I'm glad you were at least partially in a picture, the cons of being the photographer.
Laurel said…
What a fun adventure!
Juli said…
I am never really "AT" the places we go either... at east not in pictures. :)

Looks like such fun... Youngest and I finished the container garden, but I'm thinking we'll wait another week or so for seeds. We have the best luck when we start them outside for some odd reason. I did however, get my potatoes... hoping to get those planted tomorrow.

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