The playroom

As this year has gone by, the toys have been played with less and less.  Everything pulled out and scattered as they searched for something they did want to play with.  And then no interest in obeying and cleaning up after themselves.  The few times it did get picked up involved many tears.  Spring break was last week for us and the girls did not play with the toys at all, resulting in me finally going ahead and getting rid of toys.

I have trouble getting rid of toys because I remember who gave them to us and to which child and I cringe at the money wasted.  But whether it is lying in our house being ignored and walked upon, or in a donation bag, it's the same is it not?  I wish I could declare to all, "NO TOYS PLEASE!"  but I have trouble holding normal conversations with the neighbor, how am I supposed to say, hey, my kids don't actually play with any of these things, so while they're lovely, they're not worth the purchase.  

Things that do get played with will be put upon the shelves, the games and puzzles, the blocks, the farm animals and the lalaloopsy dolls.  Sunshine plays Lalaloopsy almost daily fitting herself into any space she can make in the playroom.
For a while we had boxes of toys in the shed to switch out when the girls got bored of the ones in the house, but that only resulted in them spending a day or three playing with the toys before being bored again.  So I'm eliminating that.  What's in the house will be what we have and it will be minimal.  I'm working on minimizing all the stuff we have.  I've pulled another 3 bags of fabric out of my stash, one of which has already gone to a new home, and little girl clothes will be next.  I'm tired of the mess, I'm tired of the nagging picking it up requires, especially when I am not picking up my own messes.  I'm tired of the laundry, I'm tired of the neglected things.  So it's gone.  Or in the process of going at least.  I constantly think, If we were moving, I wouldn't be taking this or this or that.  So why don't I just get rid of those items now, even with it years before we'll be moving.  Might as well master my demons now.  My word for this year is Simplify after all.

Our seeds are started.  The lemon balm did not grow but one, which is sad.  I was looking forward to it for sun tea this summer.


Katie Bell said…
Hold your ground, girl. It will be worth it and you'll have tons more time to do the things you enjoy. Good luck.
Laurel said…
I've been asking people for years to stop giving us toys. When people ask what the kids want for birthdays I usually say dress-ups or books (or craft stuff for Natalie). We still do get some toys, but it definitely cuts it down. I am planning a rehaul of the toy closet soon too.
Jamie Hatch said…
so, impressed with your determination! I think the mental journey of getting to that point and then actually following through will be the hardest part. After that, I bet it'll be easier. Good luck! You should let me know in a a month or two how it went. Because I've almost gotten to that point, but never crossed the line of actually getting rid of stuff.

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