Butterfly Hunt


Laurel said…
How fun! Was this just a photo shoot or were there actual butterflies?
Laurel said…
The last picture is gorgeous! I love Mischief's hair. I really think that should be up on your wall, I kind of want to put it on my wall! Do you want to come to CA to take pictures of the baby for me? She doesn't have hair like that, but she has kind of a lot for a baby.

Also, I'm so glad that Mischief has you for a Mom! You know how to embrace the wildness of her hair and she can grow up loving it!

I'm also you got to have a curly haired daughter.

I also love the first picture.
Abigail said…
There were a few butterflies, they didn't successfully catch any though, they did catch something at one point and I told them no, they're not putting it in a jar, they've killed enough insects this year!

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