Mischief's 5th birthday

 We were again up at Mr. Man's parents house for Mischief's birthday.  Made her a cake this year, and she really wanted candles.  I didn't buy candles, and the only candles we could find had been in a previous cake, or were packed with ones that had, so to avoid cross contamination in her gluten free cake, Aunt Tawnya found five tea lights!  Mischief was happily delighted.

 Waiting is just so hard!  She wanted to have it for breakfast.  We made her wait until the afternoon.

 Her birthday gifts from her sisters.  Just "slightly" influenced by her as we walked around the dollar store.  She also got a "Let's Go Fishin' Game" from Mr. Man and me.
We couldn't find a bag of balloons to blow up at the dollar store so we got party hats instead.  It was great to have some cousins around for her little "party".

She is so excited to be old enough to go to kindergarten and once again we had a now 5 year old to convince that she did not get to start going to school the very next day.
Mischief loves cheese sandwiches, rice cakes, apples, berries, grapes, and watermelon. She loves to watch shows, especially Pokemon and Digimon, and play computer/phone/video games.  Madeline is her favorite book.  She greatly loves to hear herself talk and talks nonstop most of the time.
She is a funny and clever girl.


Laurel said…
1. Happy Birthday Mischief!

2. DQ looks so grown up in the last picture!

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