Mother's Day

The one day a year I'm on the opposite side of the camera.  And some cute pictures of the girls in their lovely dresses from Namma!

It's fun to see how much we've changed since last year.
My mom used her amazing sewing talent to make these gorgeous dresses for the girls with an ikea duvet cover!  She's got my style nailed!

Drama Queen wasn't interested in doing pictures but I made her take a picture in this dress so I can sell it


sleepless said…
Just Beautiful photos...of some of my very favorite females !! Thank you for sharing photos !!! I Love them !
April said…
love the pictures ;) go you for posing so beautifully!
Laurel said…
Happy Mother's Day! I went and looked at last year's pictures, I can't believe how much older Mischief looks now.

My favorite picture is the bottom one of Hazel with the bunny.

The Matching dresses are so cute and the background is fun too!

I also love the second picture of you and all the girls. You should put that one on the wall. You all look so happy!

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