Renaissance Faire

Every weekend in May is the Utah Renaissance Faire.  We headed up there today to check it out.  It was the two little's first time at the faire.  Last time we went to the Renaissance Faire I was pregnant with Mischief.  Sunshine wore the same dress Drama Queen wore to her first Ren Faire, Mischief wore one of the flower girl dresses from our wedding, and Drama Queen wore one of the many princess dresses made by my mom for my nieces.

They have a very green and shady location with lots of logs around providing seating.
 One of the shows we watched was the Gypsy Magick show, they needed a very small volunteer and asked Mischief, she declined and Sunshine chose to take her place.

 We watched the "Knight" games

 Sunshine's FAVORITE part was the mermaid lagoon.  She loved the mermaids.

 Bubble Fairy
 There were two ships, this one and a black one.

 But my favorite part and something the California Renaissance Pleasure Faire doesn't have is vaulting!  Oh how I loved it.  Basically acrobatics on a moving horse

 Now on a running horse.

 They had many animals to pet as well.  Ponies, dogs, cats, rabbits, goats.  It was fairly cheap and most everything was "donations accepted".  We lasted 4 hours and Drama Queen spent all her savings.  She bought a parasol, a fan, and a candy dispenser.  Daddy bought a sporran.  We got fans for Sunshine and Mischief as well.

It was very different from the Ren Faire in California...far fewer exposed bosoms, more bare midriffs, no one reeked of alcohol, and most of the vendor booths were full of factory made items.  And they did NOT have a kid costumes booth...pondering if I want to spend the next year making lots of the same thing to sell....
We're going again next year regardless.  :)


Laurel said…
I don't remember ever meeting so many mythological creatures at a Renaissance Faire. All the girls looked lovely in their dresses and it looks like you all had a great time!
sleepless said…
Hwy, it is better than nothing ! Thanks for sharing photos !
Juli said…
A Mermaid lagoon???


We've got a lot of fairies and maidens run a muck at ours as well...

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