Sunday, June 29, 2014

Impromptu visit

We decided to go down to Mr. Man's sister's house yesterday so we could go to The Mormon Miracle Pageant in Manti on closing night. I've wanted to see it again for a long time, as I was fairly young when my own family went to it. We had a lovely day. We had a little hike and picnic by the Keebler's house in the Manti- La Sal National Forest. 
It had quite the view. Sunshine and Mischief were not impressed with the number of bugs in the forest. Especially the 1/2 inch big ants. Sunshine dealt with them better after I remembered my Aunt's advice and we started naming them after the bugs in the movie A Bug's Life. 

Then we walked around Main Street and visited the quilt show(very nice) and the craft fair (very disappointing) and Aunt Audrey treated is to Candies on Main St. 

After dinner at the house Mr. Man, Drama Queen and I headed over to the temple to wait for the pageant. We didnot make it through the whole thing as both DQ and Mr. Man were falling asleep, and the hecklers at Samuel on the wall sounded a bit too much like the pillaging part of The Pirates of the Caribbean ride. It was sadly cheesy and though DQ didnt complain once nor has said it any other time, I did over hear her telling Mischief the pagaent was boring.  It wasnt exactly boring but it wasnt as great as I recall it being either. Still DQ greatly enjoyed having a date with mom and dad and wants to scrapbook about it. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Photos by Mischief

We call Mr. Man's old iphone "the game phone" and it's primarily for the kids amusement.  Yesterday Mischief discovered the camera and video camera feature had has been utterly delighted.  So here are a "few" of the pictures she took...

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Neighborhood BBQ

Every summer there's a free barbecue at the junior high for the lds jargon it's a stake boundry thing, but it's not a church thing.  The Mayor comes and says a few words, you eat free hotdogs and watermelon and the fire department hooks the truck up to a hydrant and sprays for about ten minutes. And oh if you have large stuff that needs clearing the city sets up dumpsters at the school to be filled for the 'neighborhood clean up'. 

Sunshine stayed in the sand until the spray stopped then headed over to play in the puddles left. 
And it is highly possible that I dragged my oldest daughter directly into the spray  to get soaked so that she'd stop skirting the edges. Once wet she had no hesitation, and Mischief followed. They had a delightful time.