Thursday, July 31, 2014

Baby #4

This pregnancy has been the worst of all pregnancies.  I'm nauseous almost daily and throw up a few times a week.  We had an ultrasound yesterday to determine that I am due January 27, 2015.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Things I like

When this child is happy and not screaming NO! 

Summer storms rolling in (especially when we are on a walk!)

The neighbor's flowers

Home grown tomatoes

Edible weeds

Rain making the ground wet

When this kid makes things. 

When this kid finds ways to entertain herself on her own. 

New stuff at the dollar store. (No clue why it's upside down)

Monday, July 14, 2014

My carpenter.

Every summer the trailer park puts us to work doing something sometimes it is as little as "clean up under your carport" but last year it was "paint your trailer or else!"  This year it was "your porch is in disrepair and not up to code. Fix the stairs and add a railing."  We had 60 days to comply - so until the end of January. Couldnt do it in June because we had to get DQ registered for soccer and the car wanted new brakes and calipers.  So this weekend Mr. Man spend his day off building me beautiful new stairs.  I have issues with partical and pressed "wood". He used real lumber for me.  He figured out how to build it and did everything on his own. 
Gorgeous!  I love love love my new stairs. 

Today before he went to work for the closing shift he built two hand rails. Again, he did gorgeous work. These stairs are wonderfully solid. Now I get to help sand and refinish them and the rest of the porch. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Today was Mr. Man's day off. He tried to get our cable box set up without success. Yep we've got cable now because for five dollars more than we had been paying for internet, we could get faster internet bundled with cable. Looking forward to watching current Duggar episodes and Pioneer Woman!  

That meant we dont really have tv until Comcast can come out to see why the cable isnt connecting. The girls this did not get to use the tv today. Instead they played outside until they were sweaty, then came in and played store and they played school and then I let them do some computer games so I could nap. 

I worked on laundry today

And tried to get started on cutting out some kindergarten clothes for Mischief. It didnt get any farther than this

We had a brief Family Home evening and then the girls were put to bed, but had a hard time going to sleep and I wasn't patient or rational about it, just angry. Had to apologize to them for my behavior as it wasnt very kind and loving. Then I sat outside and listened to the summer storm. When I came back in they were thankfully asleep

Mr. Man also fixed their bathroom sink which wasnt draining. Now he just needs to figure out why the dishwasherisn't  working....

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Today DQ took a dive while roller skating, scuffing up the inside of one elbow, the back of her hand on her other arm, and her chin as well.  She was pretty content to not be outside again after that.  The girls then spent the day watching TV, playing Lalaloopsy, starting a new play, and DQ decided to try and make a shadow puppet box.
Sunshine was not happy to share the Lalaloopsy dolls.
They also did a good job cleaning up the playroom before Daddy got home from work.

I need to find the camera battery charger as I am taking my family's pictures in a week.  I need to borrow a tripod and get a remote for my camera as well.