My carpenter.

Every summer the trailer park puts us to work doing something sometimes it is as little as "clean up under your carport" but last year it was "paint your trailer or else!"  This year it was "your porch is in disrepair and not up to code. Fix the stairs and add a railing."  We had 60 days to comply - so until the end of January. Couldnt do it in June because we had to get DQ registered for soccer and the car wanted new brakes and calipers.  So this weekend Mr. Man spend his day off building me beautiful new stairs.  I have issues with partical and pressed "wood". He used real lumber for me.  He figured out how to build it and did everything on his own. 
Gorgeous!  I love love love my new stairs. 

Today before he went to work for the closing shift he built two hand rails. Again, he did gorgeous work. These stairs are wonderfully solid. Now I get to help sand and refinish them and the rest of the porch. 


Laurel said…
Great job! Congrats on your new stairs!
Katie Bell said…
I'm excited for you. I'm also a nerd, and someone who loves the smell of lumber. They're beautiful and he did a really nice job.

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