Today was Mr. Man's day off. He tried to get our cable box set up without success. Yep we've got cable now because for five dollars more than we had been paying for internet, we could get faster internet bundled with cable. Looking forward to watching current Duggar episodes and Pioneer Woman!  

That meant we dont really have tv until Comcast can come out to see why the cable isnt connecting. The girls this did not get to use the tv today. Instead they played outside until they were sweaty, then came in and played store and they played school and then I let them do some computer games so I could nap. 

I worked on laundry today

And tried to get started on cutting out some kindergarten clothes for Mischief. It didnt get any farther than this

We had a brief Family Home evening and then the girls were put to bed, but had a hard time going to sleep and I wasn't patient or rational about it, just angry. Had to apologize to them for my behavior as it wasnt very kind and loving. Then I sat outside and listened to the summer storm. When I came back in they were thankfully asleep

Mr. Man also fixed their bathroom sink which wasnt draining. Now he just needs to figure out why the dishwasherisn't  working....


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