Saturday, August 30, 2014

Utah Yard Sales

I don't often go yard sale hopping on Saturday mornings.  Mainly because I have California yard sale pricing in my head, and Utah yard sale prices are about double to triple that.  Also, I am not a haggler.  I love to go to yard sales with my mother because she is fantastic at haggling, and I'm pretty sure she rarely ever pays the asking price.

But today as Sunshine and I pulled out of the grocery store parking lot, I saw a yard sale at the townhomes across the street.  A fairly small yard sale, but with rather nice things and three tables of girls clothes in 3 different sizes.  Huh, another family with 3 girls, I decided we'd stop.

The prices were definitely Utah yard sale prices, But they had good stuff.  So I picked up a few things for this baby....that I'll have to sell myself if it turns out to have grown an extra appendage in the 6 weeks since the last ultrasound.  My thought regarding accepting the pricing was that it was still cheaper than Kid to Kid (local consignment stores) similar to the local thrift store and better quality than you'd find at either. So I was willing to hand over $16 without complaint.

  First thing I fell in love with was this Pottery Barn dress, that should fit this baby next Christmas:

There was also a pair of white tights with silver dots and a silver sweater that totally work with it for a festive holiday outfit.
Also got some winter pajamas that will also fit her next winter - these are like new.

And lastly I picked up two sweaters for Mischief.  The off white Gap one is super soft due to being 25% rabbit hair; it will be perfect to go with her vintage suspender skirt/jacket set and the pink H&M cardigan will give some variety since she just has two white cardigans.

And hey it fed my need to get little girl clothes what with the latest Persnickety release being yesterday and the only item I was determined to get turned out to cost $78.  HAHAHAHA  One blouse was $78?  for a child?  Nutso.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Drawing her feelings

Mischief came home with much more to talk about today. One of those things was that someone smacked her. As in hit her. This is her picture if how she felt about it. 

But her teacher helped her feel better and she got to draw with markers so then she felt like this:

Waiting for school breakfast to start. 

School breakfast is great because then I don't have to get frustrated in them going through a box or two of cereal each week.  I feed Mischief a rice cake or oatmeal some mornings though because she just has milk, yogurt, and fruit.  I'll deal with getting the school to do gluten free meals for her next year when she actually has lunch there.
At the same time, school breakfast is frustrating.  Usually if you eat school breakfast, there's a reason for it, it's not just for fun.  Technically they have half an hour for breakfast.  Technically.  In reality, while school breakfast is supposed to start at 8:45, it most often starts at 8:50.  Going through the line takes a minimum of 5 minutes unless you are one of the first 8 people.  Though on paper school breakkfast ends at 9:15, in reality it ends at 9:08 when the kids are told they need to get in line so hurry hurry - which the lovely cafeteria monitors then add "but be sure to eat your food!"  So which is it? Eat, or line up to go to class? Most often kids have about 12 minutes to eat their food.  That's only IF they arrive before breakfast starts.  If you arrive at 9 o'clock, you are guaranteed to not finish your food.  Most kids scarf down the main entree as fast as they can before being late to class - because by then the line takes about 8 minutes.  So much food gets thrown away unopened because they have to take a fruit of some sort.  An unripe pear, a small carton of orange juice, a cup of peaches or a cup of strawberries are the options they have had the last two weeks.  The breakfast options are NOT healthy like last year.  Last year they had oatmeal and fresh made egg burritos as options in addition to the delicious pancake/sausage corn dog type thing, sometimes "silver dollar" pancakes, and two cereal options one of which was frosted flakes I think, I don't remember the other.  This year the entree options are: still the sausage/pancake dog,  a prepackaged thing that I assume is an egg burrito, it is so small it doesn't look filling in the slightest, Eggo brand mini pancakes in a sealed plastic bag, a boy scout camp (my brother used to bring them home for us from camp, which was the only time I'd ever seen them so I don't know whatelse to call them) sealed bowl of cereal in the options of Cocoa Puffs and Lucky Charms.
While I shake my head and mumble and grumble inside about the highly processed options, the fact that it is free for us outweighs the less than healthy aspect of it.  Doesn't stop me from cringing though. 

I never ate breakfast at school as a kid, I don't even remember what I did eat for breakfast back in my elementary school days, but gone is the days of the kitchen actually being COOKED in it seems.  I remember helping in the cafeteria, loved it, and they actually cooked stuff then.  This kitchen is huge compared to my elementary school's kitchen as well.....I don't get it.  Oh well.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

3rd day of kindergarten

Hazel school science experiment

DQ's first soccer game. She is number 10. She did great and her team won 5-0. 

Team mates wanted to photobomb. That's her best friend giving her bunny ears. 

She fights and fights and fights bed time. Then as soon as I finally get her to lay still for a second, she is OUT. Good grief kid!

2nd day of school. Reminded me of Ramona the Pest afterschool when she informed me, "Mom, I didnt learn to read yet." 

Sunshine sings while she colors. She sings about what she is coloring and it usually tells a story. This one is something about a prince being captured. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Another first day of school

Oh how anticipated this day has been.  She spent the weekend making up songs about the upcoming day.

Line leader!  Because she's DQ's sister and Miss Jenny just adores DQ, and Miss Jenny gets the lines in order, so Mischief got to be in front! 

Getting a name tag from her teacher.  (who looks much closer to her actual age with her hair up and make up done than she looked at the meet and greet yesterday!)

 She has 2 boys she knows from church in her class, quite nice to have some friends straight off!
Pep talk and goodbyes from Daddy.

For pictures from our back to school photo shoot, go toAbigail Dawn Photography

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Jedd & Shannon

Went to the neighbors wedding reception tonight. It was great!

Sunshine spent the entire day looking forward to the pony rides, and once we were there had to be convinced to eat some cotton candy, because she just wanted to get on a pony.  She was determined to rid on each pony, but there were other kids so she rode on two of them, before finally agreeing to go down to the petting area.   The tiny pony there just LOVED her and kept nuzzling up against her for more petting.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

School has begun!

And Drama Queen is off to school today!  She is SO excited.  I admit I am too.  I'd be even more excited if kindergarten would start already.  I'm quite relieved to have the urge to home school removed from me because I really couldn't do it right now.  Instead I can just be delighted that Sunshine and I will have 3 hours together just us, and someone else can figure out how to teach Mischief the other two thirds of the alphabet that I haven't gotten through to her with.

Everyone got up and showered this morning and looked so lovely we dressed up for some pictures before DQ changed into clothes for school.  The blue dress is too short though it fits through the bodice.  I even figured out how to blow dry her hair and use the round brush on it, though I can't do it quite like the salon does, I'm still pleased with the result and so was she.  Maybe I can figure out this straight hair stuff after all!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunshine has been working on potty training.  It's been about 2 weeks now since we started.  She does really quite good which is very happy for me, and she hates wearing pull ups or diapers ever.  She spends all day in panties and does pretty good peeing on the toilet, but then there's always an accident when it comes to poo.  She's only wet the bed twice at night this whole time.  Last night was the second time, and was because she snuck a water bottle into bed with her. So she was up early this morning.  It was 5 or 6 though, the sky was beginning to lighten, so it wasn't too bad.

I was achy when I got up so I took a bath....and quickly realized I need to caulk around the drain, the water  was half gone after 10 minutes.  The faucet also drips but I don't know how to fix that; I don't know how to fix the problem in the other bathroom where you can't switch it from shower to bath or vice versa because it's some how stuck in between the two regardless of what direction you turn the knob.

The girls were all ready for church this morning.  Which is super nice.  Except I wanted them to take showers.  And oh, it's daddy's opening Sunday so I do NOT get up to drive him to work (he has to be there at 5:30) and he's not home until church is almost over.  I didn't really feel like taking a shower anyway, so I'm okay with that (I guess I'm kinda mad at the bathroom).

School starts in 2 days!  Yay!  Still need to take back to school pictures.  So showers for the girls tomorrow for sure.  Mischief's kindergarten testing is Wednesday, fingers crossed that they don't stick her in full day.  I'd like another year to prepare myself for dealing with gluten free child and school lunch.  I need to remember what form it is to get submitted for the school to make lunch for her, since we get free lunch, that'd save us lots of money (and time!). I'm a bit leery about that though because she is SO sensitive to cross contamination.

I cut down on our toys and books this month.  Now I need to cut down on craft stuff and re-arrange Maddie's old room so I can get my sewing desk moved in there so we can put a piano where the sewing stuff is.  We really want a piano and since we discovered where to buy old beat up ones from the school districts, we are wanting to get one now.  Mr. Man worked 11 hours of over time this week and has declared that "piano money".  I'm excited.

making chicken enchiladas today.  Gluten free ones.  Which I have a love hate relationship with, because I just don't like enchiladas with corn tortillas!  I know it's not authentic to use flour tortillas, but creamy chicken enchiladas aren't really authentic anyway and taste so much better with flour tortillas than with corn.  I didn't have enough to buy both types of tortillas though, so gluten free wins out otherwise I'd have to make a whole different meal for Mischief and Sunshine.  Still don't know if Sunshine needs to be gluten free, but since I'm making it anyway, I'll just keep her that way for now.  Though she does have goldfish crackers and pretzels every Sunday in nursery and doesn't seem to have a reaction.

Lately I've been wishing I actually had friends to do things with.  Except when I do do things like the Wednesday playdates with the church group, I have no idea what to do...I'm not good at holding a conversation, I've never been a fan of small talk.  So then I realize I'm better off staying in my usual.  I miss Talitha who lived down the street and had some kids the same age.  They'd come over and our kids would entertain each other and she'd talk talk talk while I cleaned.  It was marvelous.  I like people who are happy to just talk away, it gives me something interesting to listen to and having someone present gives me more motivation to clean.

I want goldfish crackers now that I mentioned them.  I have a recipe to make gluten free ones, but we're out of cheese until Friday.  Other than mozzarella.  These are sure going to be interesting enchiladas with mozzarella cheese on them....

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Floor sleeper

Sunshine has some aversion to sleeping in a bed. Her preference is the floor. 
She spends most nights falling asleep on a floor anywhere in the house and then I have to move her to her bed. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

DQ's baptism

In our church, members are baptized at age eight which is considered the age of accountability. As in kids are old enough to understand right from wrong and make decisions on their own. 

Well, DQ is 8 and baptized she was!  Mr. Man baptized her, he got to wear this fantastic relic of a jumpsuit. We agreed he needed a cape and rhinestone belt and boots to go with it. Too bad we left it there ;)

Most of Mr. Man's family was able to be there, though his parents were greatly missed. My eldest brother and his family and my parents and Great Grandma Meservy and several Aunts and Uncles were able to come from my family and a few of my friends. 

She was thrilled that the water was warm. It was only knee level on Mr. Man, so we were worried it wouldn't be deep enough, you could hear it draining though the plug was in. The dad and child before us said it was several inches higher for them. And there were 2 other kids being baptized as well!

After she got changed we were delighted to find her best friend had made it over for her confirmation where she is confirmed a member of the church and given the gift of the Holy Ghost. 

From Namma and Boppa she received scriptures(she chose a quad which contains the Old Testament, New Testament, The Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants/Pearl of Great Price) with her name engraved on them as well as a scripture case. Aunt Dee gave her a watch and some other things that help her remember what the Holy Ghost (Spirit) does.  Aunt Jamie gave her a pretty necklace to remind her of the promises she made on baptism day.

It was a great day and we are very pleased with her choices!