Another first day of school

Oh how anticipated this day has been.  She spent the weekend making up songs about the upcoming day.

Line leader!  Because she's DQ's sister and Miss Jenny just adores DQ, and Miss Jenny gets the lines in order, so Mischief got to be in front! 

Getting a name tag from her teacher.  (who looks much closer to her actual age with her hair up and make up done than she looked at the meet and greet yesterday!)

 She has 2 boys she knows from church in her class, quite nice to have some friends straight off!
Pep talk and goodbyes from Daddy.

For pictures from our back to school photo shoot, go toAbigail Dawn Photography


Laurel said…
Have a great year Mischief!
sleepless said…
How Nice and she looks totally ready !!
sleepless said…
Your photo blog would not let me post....AWESOME PHOTO SHOOT ...GREAT PROPS!

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