School has begun!

And Drama Queen is off to school today!  She is SO excited.  I admit I am too.  I'd be even more excited if kindergarten would start already.  I'm quite relieved to have the urge to home school removed from me because I really couldn't do it right now.  Instead I can just be delighted that Sunshine and I will have 3 hours together just us, and someone else can figure out how to teach Mischief the other two thirds of the alphabet that I haven't gotten through to her with.

Everyone got up and showered this morning and looked so lovely we dressed up for some pictures before DQ changed into clothes for school.  The blue dress is too short though it fits through the bodice.  I even figured out how to blow dry her hair and use the round brush on it, though I can't do it quite like the salon does, I'm still pleased with the result and so was she.  Maybe I can figure out this straight hair stuff after all!


Laurel said…
Three very pretty girls!
Sleepy said…
Thank you for sharing. I remember always having first day of school pictures taken. I love those pictures!
Shannon said…
They are darling girls.

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