Sunshine has been working on potty training.  It's been about 2 weeks now since we started.  She does really quite good which is very happy for me, and she hates wearing pull ups or diapers ever.  She spends all day in panties and does pretty good peeing on the toilet, but then there's always an accident when it comes to poo.  She's only wet the bed twice at night this whole time.  Last night was the second time, and was because she snuck a water bottle into bed with her. So she was up early this morning.  It was 5 or 6 though, the sky was beginning to lighten, so it wasn't too bad.

I was achy when I got up so I took a bath....and quickly realized I need to caulk around the drain, the water  was half gone after 10 minutes.  The faucet also drips but I don't know how to fix that; I don't know how to fix the problem in the other bathroom where you can't switch it from shower to bath or vice versa because it's some how stuck in between the two regardless of what direction you turn the knob.

The girls were all ready for church this morning.  Which is super nice.  Except I wanted them to take showers.  And oh, it's daddy's opening Sunday so I do NOT get up to drive him to work (he has to be there at 5:30) and he's not home until church is almost over.  I didn't really feel like taking a shower anyway, so I'm okay with that (I guess I'm kinda mad at the bathroom).

School starts in 2 days!  Yay!  Still need to take back to school pictures.  So showers for the girls tomorrow for sure.  Mischief's kindergarten testing is Wednesday, fingers crossed that they don't stick her in full day.  I'd like another year to prepare myself for dealing with gluten free child and school lunch.  I need to remember what form it is to get submitted for the school to make lunch for her, since we get free lunch, that'd save us lots of money (and time!). I'm a bit leery about that though because she is SO sensitive to cross contamination.

I cut down on our toys and books this month.  Now I need to cut down on craft stuff and re-arrange Maddie's old room so I can get my sewing desk moved in there so we can put a piano where the sewing stuff is.  We really want a piano and since we discovered where to buy old beat up ones from the school districts, we are wanting to get one now.  Mr. Man worked 11 hours of over time this week and has declared that "piano money".  I'm excited.

making chicken enchiladas today.  Gluten free ones.  Which I have a love hate relationship with, because I just don't like enchiladas with corn tortillas!  I know it's not authentic to use flour tortillas, but creamy chicken enchiladas aren't really authentic anyway and taste so much better with flour tortillas than with corn.  I didn't have enough to buy both types of tortillas though, so gluten free wins out otherwise I'd have to make a whole different meal for Mischief and Sunshine.  Still don't know if Sunshine needs to be gluten free, but since I'm making it anyway, I'll just keep her that way for now.  Though she does have goldfish crackers and pretzels every Sunday in nursery and doesn't seem to have a reaction.

Lately I've been wishing I actually had friends to do things with.  Except when I do do things like the Wednesday playdates with the church group, I have no idea what to do...I'm not good at holding a conversation, I've never been a fan of small talk.  So then I realize I'm better off staying in my usual.  I miss Talitha who lived down the street and had some kids the same age.  They'd come over and our kids would entertain each other and she'd talk talk talk while I cleaned.  It was marvelous.  I like people who are happy to just talk away, it gives me something interesting to listen to and having someone present gives me more motivation to clean.

I want goldfish crackers now that I mentioned them.  I have a recipe to make gluten free ones, but we're out of cheese until Friday.  Other than mozzarella.  These are sure going to be interesting enchiladas with mozzarella cheese on them....


Laurel said…
I like this, its nice to hear about life. :)
Katie Bell said…
I love the stream of consciousness in the post. Those are my favorite. It's like one beautiful run on thought.

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