Utah Yard Sales

I don't often go yard sale hopping on Saturday mornings.  Mainly because I have California yard sale pricing in my head, and Utah yard sale prices are about double to triple that.  Also, I am not a haggler.  I love to go to yard sales with my mother because she is fantastic at haggling, and I'm pretty sure she rarely ever pays the asking price.

But today as Sunshine and I pulled out of the grocery store parking lot, I saw a yard sale at the townhomes across the street.  A fairly small yard sale, but with rather nice things and three tables of girls clothes in 3 different sizes.  Huh, another family with 3 girls, I decided we'd stop.

The prices were definitely Utah yard sale prices, But they had good stuff.  So I picked up a few things for this baby....that I'll have to sell myself if it turns out to have grown an extra appendage in the 6 weeks since the last ultrasound.  My thought regarding accepting the pricing was that it was still cheaper than Kid to Kid (local consignment stores) similar to the local thrift store and better quality than you'd find at either. So I was willing to hand over $16 without complaint.

  First thing I fell in love with was this Pottery Barn dress, that should fit this baby next Christmas:

There was also a pair of white tights with silver dots and a silver sweater that totally work with it for a festive holiday outfit.
Also got some winter pajamas that will also fit her next winter - these are like new.

And lastly I picked up two sweaters for Mischief.  The off white Gap one is super soft due to being 25% rabbit hair; it will be perfect to go with her vintage suspender skirt/jacket set and the pink H&M cardigan will give some variety since she just has two white cardigans.

And hey it fed my need to get little girl clothes what with the latest Persnickety release being yesterday and the only item I was determined to get turned out to cost $78.  HAHAHAHA  One blouse was $78?  for a child?  Nutso.


sleepless said…
MOST EXCELLENT....paying more for good stuff is well worth it ! That Christmas outfit is darling !! You did good !

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