Waiting for school breakfast to start. 

School breakfast is great because then I don't have to get frustrated in them going through a box or two of cereal each week.  I feed Mischief a rice cake or oatmeal some mornings though because she just has milk, yogurt, and fruit.  I'll deal with getting the school to do gluten free meals for her next year when she actually has lunch there.
At the same time, school breakfast is frustrating.  Usually if you eat school breakfast, there's a reason for it, it's not just for fun.  Technically they have half an hour for breakfast.  Technically.  In reality, while school breakfast is supposed to start at 8:45, it most often starts at 8:50.  Going through the line takes a minimum of 5 minutes unless you are one of the first 8 people.  Though on paper school breakkfast ends at 9:15, in reality it ends at 9:08 when the kids are told they need to get in line so hurry hurry - which the lovely cafeteria monitors then add "but be sure to eat your food!"  So which is it? Eat, or line up to go to class? Most often kids have about 12 minutes to eat their food.  That's only IF they arrive before breakfast starts.  If you arrive at 9 o'clock, you are guaranteed to not finish your food.  Most kids scarf down the main entree as fast as they can before being late to class - because by then the line takes about 8 minutes.  So much food gets thrown away unopened because they have to take a fruit of some sort.  An unripe pear, a small carton of orange juice, a cup of peaches or a cup of strawberries are the options they have had the last two weeks.  The breakfast options are NOT healthy like last year.  Last year they had oatmeal and fresh made egg burritos as options in addition to the delicious pancake/sausage corn dog type thing, sometimes "silver dollar" pancakes, and two cereal options one of which was frosted flakes I think, I don't remember the other.  This year the entree options are: still the sausage/pancake dog,  a prepackaged thing that I assume is an egg burrito, it is so small it doesn't look filling in the slightest, Eggo brand mini pancakes in a sealed plastic bag, a boy scout camp (my brother used to bring them home for us from camp, which was the only time I'd ever seen them so I don't know whatelse to call them) sealed bowl of cereal in the options of Cocoa Puffs and Lucky Charms.
While I shake my head and mumble and grumble inside about the highly processed options, the fact that it is free for us outweighs the less than healthy aspect of it.  Doesn't stop me from cringing though. 

I never ate breakfast at school as a kid, I don't even remember what I did eat for breakfast back in my elementary school days, but gone is the days of the kitchen actually being COOKED in it seems.  I remember helping in the cafeteria, loved it, and they actually cooked stuff then.  This kitchen is huge compared to my elementary school's kitchen as well.....I don't get it.  Oh well.


sleepless said…
Have you thanked them when/if they do open on time and told them how it helps ? ..positive reminder... I would ! Free is a great price !!

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