B & B's wedding reception

My cousin got married last month in Arizona and we got to meet his bride Saturday night at their Utah reception. It was great to see them and Aunts and Uncles and cousins. DQ was quite impressed with the chocolate fountain and table center pieces. I told her to file that away for use in several years. :) 

I especially liked the family wedding photos lining the stage in the cultural hall (the reception was at my Uncle Greg's ward building) and the Littles loved the kids play area set up to one side of the room. 

They even had a table with gluten free animal crackers and pretzels and it's own pot of chocolate so Mischief got to partake in refresemts as well, though she was a tad distracted by the large box of duplos for kids to play with. 

Sunshine's view of the treats to dip in the chocolate was that they were just a vehicle to get the chocolate into her mouth. She loves chocolate. 

I enjoyed getting to talk to family. 


sleepless said…
Love it..and a gluten free table is fabulous !!...the play area wins prizes !! Thanks for sharing
Laurel said…
I'm with Sunshine about the chocolate.
Jamie Hatch said…
that was a really thoughtful reception, how fun!

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