I feel like it is Mischiefland here these days, but since the kid is willing to put effort into how she looks, I've been mostly taking pictures of her. Though this was what shecput on for school this morning and I vetoed because the dress is also being her Halloween costume (with an under layer of length). 
Speaking of her costume, other than an underskirt, she just needs black boots. Target dollar spot costume hats disappeared fast last year, so I grabbed this one today, and a witch nose. Bought the broom last year. 
Yesterday Mischief actually wore pants!  First day of the third week of school, first time wearing pants to school. She then drenched them jumping in puddles after school. 

Today's outfit after I told her to change. 


Laurel said…
She looks so cute in the overall picture!
Laurel said…
I just noticed your new header, totally cute!
jacque said…
Love keeping up with your family through your blogs. Everyone has grown up so much.

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