Last week or so

Namma sent Mischief pink cowboy boots last week. She loves them and wears them with everything. 
We visited a local garden store on the hunt for Trapper's Glue. No luck, but the littles enjoyed looking around. 

Sunshine enjoys walking around Target and trying out new things. 
I love that these two hold hands while walking to school. Sometimes I let them walk the last stretch of houses before the crossing guard without me. They always cross without me, I lobe our morning crossing guard. She looks out for the kids like they are her own. 

During one soccer game Mischief spent most of her time in this tree and running around with some other kids stuck at their siblings game. She didnt even tear her tights. 
My favorite part of the soccer games is DQ's best friend's baby sister. If I werent growing a baby already, this little one would sure have me wanting to. 
We visited Aunt April (she watched the girls so Mr. Man and I could go on a date, then I visited for a bit when I went to pick them up). 

Mischief's zombie impression (her opinion of this hat) 

Baby bump. Interestingly I am not constantly hungry this pregnancy and actually way 2 pounds less than I did 8 weeks ago. 


Laurel said…
Natalie has red cowboy boots that she wears all the time.
sleepless said…
I LOVE seeing all the photos and getting a clue of what is going on in your lives !! Thanks !!
Becky said…
We made it to your blog! This is Becky by the way! Great pictures!
Abigail said…
And your baby made it to my blog! Hope you don't mind ;) She's so adorable!!

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