She excitedly told me they're reading a scary story in class and tomorrow they'll finish it. It's about monsters...oh, and the alphabet. 

Sunshine and I took daddy to work then checked out the new toys. She carried the My Little Pony stuffed animal purse with her the whole time. Said good bye to it in the women's accessories before we left, lol. 

In the evening as we went to pick up Drama Queen from soccer practice, Sunshine started crying and saying she was leaking. Mischief elaborated that it was a bloody nose. 

It didn't bleed as long or as much as Mischief's bloody noses tend to. This is from a few weeks ago when she came home early from the neighbor's house due to it. Her's start spontaneously whereas Sunshine's was from booger removal. 

We moved Sunshine up a shoe size, now in 7s...these look so huge to me. It kills me that this kid is growing up! Even with another baby on the way I wish she would just stay little!


Katie Bell said…
I love that alphabet dress. A lot. When did you say you were going to come visit so you could make me one???
Laurel said…
The number dress is so cute! Sunshine's hair is getting so long!
sleepless said…
Thanks for sharing !! I love to hear it all and see what is going on !!

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