Learning to adjust....story of my life.

When we moved here I said 5 years.  3 years was my ideal, but 5 years was my realistic plan, since I knew Mr. Man would take longer to get through school because he had to get up to college level in Math and English. 5 years and then we'd be out and would be adults with a house and I'd get the girls enrolled in one of the numerous local charter schools (or homeschool depending on where we moved).  We'd have a dog and a swingset and perhaps a tree house, fruit trees and a big garden, eventually some chickens...

I've been struggling this year.

This past August we hit 5 years.

There's no end in sight.  I've been working on changing my life plan because nothing will be changing any time soon.
It has been even harder what with having our things outside (slide, sandbox, bikes) being moved around and used by new neighbors, our yard used as a walk way and bike path, our bathroom window opened repeatedly, and last week the trailer park manager and her boyfriend were arrested for selling meth out of the trailer park office/apartment.
Thankfully the bathroom window has been left alone for a month now ever since I caught the person on video and the cops came to look around within half an hour of the person doing it.

Is it cheap to live here?  Yes.  Very affordable thanks to the trailer being owned by my brother who lets us live here rent free.  We pay the lot fee and any repairs the trailer needs.  My parents have spoiled us with a new kitchen floor this year, and they replaced the roof a few years ago.  The extra plus to those is it'll help sell this trailer for my brother if we are ever able to move out.

But I'm still struggling.  You can tell me all the pluses of living here, but it doesn't change that this was never my vision of life.

I finally realized in the last few months since we hit the 5 year mark and Mr. Man is still years from being done with school that we will be here at least another 5 years.  Possibly forever.  So I'm trying hard to reset my mindset.  It's not easy.  But I keep trying and deciding it's too much work and trying again.

So already I'm setting my goals for next year (not that I've met any that I made this year).  Next year I plan to do lots of painting inside. Stalk yard sales and thrift stores for furniture.  I need to cut down on stuff again.  Some more.  Never ending story.  Need to sew to sell stuff and save up for a fence to go around our "yard".  I need to learn to buy enough produce for canning since I won't be able to grow it...


Laurel said…
That's one of the hardest things for me too, changing my plans. I've found that it works well for me to not make as many and just focus on the most important things. Also, making new throw pillows for my couch helps. :)

Thanks for sharing your struggles, and your resolution to keep going. Sometimes that's what it really takes.
sleepless said…
From my 61 year point of view...life is a never ending process of re thinking how we think it should be....and accepting what is.

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