Monday, November 17, 2014

"I let him wear the pants in the family....but I was the belt that held them up!"

Funny lady.  Watching Rich Bride, Poor Bride.  And man am I grateful for all those who made my very low cost wedding happen!  9 years late, but thank you oh so much to my brother for DJing, to my mom for making cute outfits for the nieces and nephews, to my sister-in-law for loaning me her dress, to the Morphis family for letting us use their back yard.  To all those who baked and frosted cupcakes and baked potatoes and to various family members, especially brother in law Peter and Aunt Dee, for taking pictures.  I quite happily say my wedding cost just over $1,000.  I still love it and wish I could live it over again.  I feel like I was a bit of a space case and didn't satisfactorily interact with all my old friends who so kindly came out for the reception.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

I'm doing a terrible job at blogging these days! Mainly we're just here at home, the girls going to school, Mr. Man going to work, me doing the feeding and cleaning of all.  I've also been stuffing in lots of sewing time.  And growing a baby - just about 10 more weeks to go!

 One of Sunshine's new outfits.  I altered two patterns to create it.  GYCT's Holly & Ivy Dress pattern and I don't remember the other but it's the Simple & Sweet Bloomers pattern I think it's called.  Of course about 4 days after it got made the temperature dropped 20 degrees, so I don't know if it'll get worn again until the baby fits it....

 Some mustache fun because this mama doesn't push school fundraiser participation...but rather with provide equivalent prizes for not trying to get people to buy over priced candy.

 Not quite a case of who wore it best, but this mama sure loves sometimes that these two can share clothes!  The top is another of my latest sewing projects.  They have the same chest measurement, so they can share's nice snuggly flannel.

A friend of a friend was raising money for their son to go to Europe with Utah Music Ambassadors (or something like that) and to do so were selling Filipino food.  So we of course ordered some! Had to try out some of what Grandma and Grandpa have been eating while on their church mission in Cebu Philippines!
 Drama Queen was not impressed by the noodles.  The rest of us liked them.  Mischief of course missed out on eating any of it since I didn't know the ingredients.  The pork was delicious, Drama Queen did like the adobo chicken and we all loved the lumpia.  Not pictured are our frozen mango floats which were yummy too.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I've been doing a lot of sewing the last two weeks.  One test dress, followed by DQ's Halloween costume, followed by the dress DQ is wearing in these pictures, and now that it is done I'm testing a dress up glove pattern.  Then I'll be getting around to Christmas present sewing. Doll clothes and purses and an ironing board cover for me....

The dress DQ is wearing in these pictures is a test dress as well, pattern to be released on Thursday.  It's a quick sew upon which I'll elaborate more once I get a blog post written on it on the Ilaria Eve blog.

We headed over to The Shops at Riverwoods to do pictures, we made use of the Provo River trail running past it as well.  I was thrilled to get TWO cute pictures of all three girls together.  Only had to do one head transplant to make that happen.  All their poses are totally done by them, I posed no one.  I'm quite impressed with them :)