I've been doing a lot of sewing the last two weeks.  One test dress, followed by DQ's Halloween costume, followed by the dress DQ is wearing in these pictures, and now that it is done I'm testing a dress up glove pattern.  Then I'll be getting around to Christmas present sewing. Doll clothes and purses and an ironing board cover for me....

The dress DQ is wearing in these pictures is a test dress as well, pattern to be released on Thursday.  It's a quick sew upon which I'll elaborate more once I get a blog post written on it on the Ilaria Eve blog.

We headed over to The Shops at Riverwoods to do pictures, we made use of the Provo River trail running past it as well.  I was thrilled to get TWO cute pictures of all three girls together.  Only had to do one head transplant to make that happen.  All their poses are totally done by them, I posed no one.  I'm quite impressed with them :)


Laurel said…
That dress is really cute! I am sewing too! I have to make Christmas pageant costumes for my three oldest kids and then I want to get started on Christmas dresses.

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