Day One

It is lonely in the hospital by yourself. I almost with there was a woman in the other bed this room has.  If we have another baby I will plan child care of the others better so I can have Me. Man here to help me. Though he was bored, I know.  And hungry. 

My lunch has arrived. What that it is. 
Ah the clear liquid diet.  I actually dont mind it. Except my cousin was talking about Krispy Kreme donuts and my mom was talking about oatmeal cookies....

There's this picture on the wall.  It might give me nightmares. It's like triple larger than life size and she obviously did not have a student hacking at her guts with what felt like a pair of dull scissors. She's just way too happy and not groggy. 

See that chair?  It has my bag on it....the bag with my phone charger. 
The bag with my books.  The bag with my projects to do...
It's only about 8 feet away.  Which might as well mean I left it at home because my butt is still numb though I can wiggle my tingly feet now....

They're calling the pediatrician to come take a look at Flower Pink. Her lungs no longer sound crinkly and wet, but her heart rate - which should be at 30-60 - is at 80-100. 

Oh my sweet baby. You gave me the weirdest pregnancy and now you are keeping up with the abnormalities. 

She is doing well!  Sleepy little bugger. So so happy and enamoured!!

Such a content little girl. She is pleasant and easy going so far. She seems to be a good nurser and also loves the soothie, or her hand if she can get to it. She just filled her 4th diaper of the day. She loves to be stretched out, legs as straight as she can get them. 

Auntie Beth was her first visitor. 

I am doing good as well. Despite the discomfort of the actual procedure, I have only needed ibuprofen so far as well as an ice pack on the incision site.  I can get up myself, but being hooked up to so many things makes me not want to bother.  The padding in this bed leaves something wanting. At least in the sitting zone....

 Her squeaks are cute. 


Laurel said…
Blech, I hate being in the hospital. I do not envy you that.

But, fun to be be snuggling you cute baby!

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