Day Three

Best part of last night's nurse is that she let me sleep!  Three wake ups only, all per my request - two were to keep up on my pain medication and once was to feed Flower Pink. I am still a tad bit tired, but it is after 7, and I want breakfast and my baby!  In fact I am going to throw on some socks and go find her!  She was supposed to have some testing this morning, bilirubin and I dont remember the other...

Found my baby and today's nurse in the nursery. Dr. Bailey was to arrive shortly so I sat in a rocker until he came and looked at her charts and checked her over.  I was pleased that he recognized me and which baby was mine though we'd only me yesterday. Perhaps we'll take this like one to him rather than the PA in the office who the other girls see. Her bilirubin level is good and low, a touch of yellow to her face, but she's our least yellow baby yet!

When he was done I took her back to my room and discovered my breakfast had arrived. 
I sliced the banana to eat on the pancakes. I can't eat them straight from the peel, that is just blech to me. 

Today's nurse is amusing. She is delighted to have the low-maintenance patient, as I was apparently described to her.  She wanted to just hang out in my room today because it "feels nice in here", aka calm, she sat on the bed and chatted a bit and then got called away and after she came back, she got another call. I hardly ever call, so pehaps that is why I am considered low maintenance?  I apparently surprise them as well with my contentment to drink water.   I drink a lot of water. I don't love juice. I drank what would normally be about a month's worth of juice for me on the first day, I am definitely juiced out. I do like soda and so I again requested a can with lunch. I didnt even finish yesterday's can, but having the option is nice.
 I added a side salad to today's lunch order. The lack of vegetables has been bothering me. Fruit fruit fruit at every meal. Only vegetables were the lettuce and tomato on the entrees yesterday.  Though I picked chicken and rice with carrots for today's lunch, so I'll have carrots too!

Flower Pink has been totally knocked out by my pain medication. I tried halving the dosage but could barely move so I will just keep to what I know works...

Today's nurse was also delighted with how well Flower Pink latches on. I am delighted as well that we have both gotten it down so well. She has lost some more weight, she's down to 7 pounds, but no one is concerned by it. A nice change from past babies where I've been pushed (and resisted) to suuplement with formula. I have nothing against formula. Two of the girls were mostly formula fed, but the kind my kids can tolerate is ridiculously expensive, who bu formula if you can feed them for free?   Though it sounds like several of the new moms here are struggling with breastfeeding. I can relate to that!

It was amusing to me that of the 5 babies in the nursery this morning, Flower Pink included, 4 were girls and two had names ending in "ton" and the other two ended with "lyn". My first kid to have a bery trendy name. It's a family name though! After her grandma and grandma's mom. 

I forgot to get a picture of Aunt April holding her!  She came and visited for a bit. It was really nice to have someone to just chat with for a little while. 

Lunch was very good. I pucked the only item that came with a vegetable side and asked for a side salad to be added as well, so I finally got some vegetables!

Flower Pink has slept and slept and slept today!  My nurse was like, you should take a nap, she's probably going to be awake all night!  I think I will take a nap. But she did wake for a bit. Oh, I just remembered I need to change her diaper. 

She is such a quiet baby still!  There are some loud babies here now which just emphasizes how quietly content she is. 
I took lots of pictures while she was awake. Love seeing those little eyes open. Those are all on the Canon though.   One last picture for now will be of how she loves to have her legs stretched out. 

I think we will take naps now. Or once I get up and close the door again. This nurse likes to leave it open......

Hahaha. Milk drunk. 

Mr. Man has come and gone. So has today's day nurse. Thankfully. She's a pleasant and energetic person, but also kinda....not on top of things as much as the other nurses have been.  She didnt update the board until the afternoon when I asked her to. The board has her name and on floor number to call and the times for when my next medications are due. And I am SO thirsty because she only filled my jug 4 times and always did it 2/3rds with ice!  You can't drink ice!  And I'm not an ice cruncher. I should have asked for water as soon as she walked into the room. But I got used to every other nurse asking if I needed anything before leaving my room. But she'll be my nurse again Sunday if I am still here, so that'll be fun because she did make the day not feel lonely. 

It also helps that I had a second visitor today!  Aunt Dee came by to admire my little darling. It was so nice to visit with her. 

I picked a grilled ham and cheese sandwich for dinner. Forgetting of course that I should be avoiding dairy when nursing. My kids tend to not do well with it. I requested extra dessert when Miss Room Service told me what it was. And thus ended up with 3 delicious oatmeal raisin cookies the size of Flower Pink's head! 

Loving my night nurse. She actually talks to Flower Pink.  The same way I do. Makes me feel less weird! And when she refilled my water she dumped out majority of the ice. Hooray! First world problems. I know. 

I broke my phone charger in the most peculuar way. I hope it will still work....


Laurel said…
Love the milk drunk picture!

She looks like a peach. :)

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