Day Two

Sleep?  Who needs sleep? I'll just continue randomly drfting off at odd times....

Flower Pink loves her binky. Which is great until it caused some nipple confusion. She evenrually figured out she was sucking the wrong way and ate enough to fall asleep. Or I assume that's what happened, I kinda fell asleep. I am now cathater free and oxygen monitor free and will soon be IV free!  

And I get solid food for breakfast. 


Wow, today has flown by!  Time is going much to quickly. I am trying to savor the silence and neatness of my hospital room and the lack of demands from little people. I just feed Flower Pink and snuggle her, and occasionally change her diaper. 
I was in immense pain around lunch time though.  It took much medication before I was able to even just be sitting without pain. So now we're going to work on keeping me on them rather than waiting until my pain is so high, with the hope that I will be able to use less if we just maintain maintain maintain. 

I do miss the other girls. I will greatly enjoy my next day or so here though. It's an expensive vacation, but my souvineer is one of a kind. 

I was grateful for the lactation consultant coming by this morning.  It was perfect timing too as Flower Pink had just started nursing.  You'd think nursing was like riding a bicycle, but apparently I've had training wheels on so I've never actually ridden. Getting a truely proper latch is difficult for me, since I've fed 3 child in what one of the papers says is like a suction cup. I was grateful for hands on help showing me how I should do it. I hope she comes by again before I go because I know I'm still not fully doing it right, though I think it is better than it was. Maybe this is why I never had chubby babies. 
My mom made these darling baby booties!  I love love love them and they fit Flower Pink perfectly.  

I rearranged the bed sort of so I could actually use my electronics while they are charging. My phone drains fast, I am charging it now for the 3rd time today. 

Lunch was yummy:
A hamburger and fries sounded fantastically perfect after being on a liquid diet yesterday. A great way to make up for lost calories that I need for milk making!

I am now waiting for dinner to arrive.  And my husband too. I miss him. If we have another, I am having my mom come up for the few weeks right after so I can have some adult company more frequently. They could switch off being here or with the girls. 

Speaking of the girls Sunshine is still sick, nor feverish he saysbut she's sleeping a lot and lacks energy. I insisted he take her to the doctor asap, which will probably be tomorrow as it was in the afternoon that I talked to him and learned this. 
Mischief is oh so sad and lonely. Two of her friends in kindergarten recently moved. This morning Mr. Man said after she ate breakfast she crawled back into bed, so he let her stay home as it isvery unusual behavior for her, so he was thinking she's getting sick now too but eventually she spilled about her missing friends. 

Andnow it is dinner time for me. 
Not that I have anything against fruit salad, but they've had it as the side for every single meal today. I really want some green vegetables!

Feels more like it should be 11 or later. 
Jordan stayed for s couple of hours and then headed home to make sure the girls went to bed for their cousin. 

Just sent a fed and sleeping baby to the nursery. Now to take the last of my medication and eat a popsicle to hopefully soothe my sore throat and I am intending to get some good sleep tonight. We'll try doing photos again tomorrow maybe. Though I didnt bring many things for that. But hopefully she'll cooperate a bit more....just to help me pass the time....


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