Feeling out of place here, but it is nice to be home. The girls immediately went back to coming to mommy for everything and I just tell them, you need to go to dad still. 
They all like her. Drama Queen was eager to hold her and Mischief held her for a little bit. Sunshine was interested in briefly holding her too. So, they all got to meet her and then she and I went to take a nap. 

After 3 days of calm and quiet, opening the door and finding 3 raggamuffins was a bit overwhelming. Sunshine apparently has refused to take off her bunny jammas since I left - we put them on Tuesday night..... Mischief's hair looks like a bad wig and DQ just somehow seems grimey. Showers for them tonight is a must. I have to remember though that that is daddy's job. I am not supposed to be doing any more than I had been in the hospital. 
Mr. Man went and got my prescriptions, and I wished I still had a nurse to keep track of them for me. 

Sheesh!  I grabbed a dry erase marker and turned a picture in my room into a white board to keep track like they did at the hospital. 

Flower Pink looked at her sisters briefly before our nap and hasnt woken since. She's squirmy in her sleep, but I am waiting for her to fully wake up so we can do a full nursing instead of the 10 minutes every hour she started doing last night. 

I am going to finish up her rabbit while I wait for her to decide she really is hungry. Assuming I don't fall asleep again....


April said…
Sunshine has been out of the jammies :) I can attest to that because she came to my house a few times :) Jordan did a pretty good job--I was impressed! But there's nothing like having mom home--mom's are the heart of the home!!
sleepless said…
brilliant idea with the marker on the picture to keep track ! Real life is hard after being taken care of so nicely ! stick to your guns and do NOT overdo..it takes twice as long to bounce back when that occurs. I feel that way just coming out of a movie theater...totally disoriented !!
Laurel said…
Now she gets to have sisters, yay!

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