Winter sickness is finally hitting. Just in time for baby

Sunshine's fever has lessened. Now she is coughing, gagging on mucus, and sounds oh so scratchy.  

Drama Queen came home from school before lunch and climbed into bed. 

Mischief says her throat hurts, but I suspect that has more to do with the sickies only popsicles than actual discomfort since she's eating and drinking just fine. 

I was doing great today. Lots of laundry, cleaned my bathroom, got half of the kitchen cupboards organized, made dinner, intended to make brownies....and then my head felt thick and heavy and my throat is scratchy and I'm coughing. So now I am in bed after downing some vitamin  C to boost my immune system, melatonin to help me sleep so my body can kick this, and I gargled with salt water to help kill off whatever my throat is doing. I do not want to wear a face mask while holding my newborn. 

Only trouble with going to bed this early is that laying down starts up braxton hicks contractions....which finally actually hurt. Official due date is tomorrow. 


Laurel said…
We were all sick for more than a week. I started to go crazy from never leaving the house! My friend who sells doTerra gave us some samples of OnGuard (Protective Blend) and Breathe (Respiratory Blend) and they have really helped our family kick it. Especially for me, I had a scratchy throat and a couple of doses of OnGuard knocked it out.

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