Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter dresses. A worry they will never make it past this point. 

Grumpy baby today. Not sure why. She was happiest when we went to Home Depot to buy paint. 

Brief happiness after a feeding. 

Escaped foot

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Mischief's school books

Yes, I have a vintage addiction.  Fingers crossed I can find some 4th grade level books/teachers manuals.  I admit I'm in part hopeful that they will all start wanting to dress like the little girls in the books all the time.  HA!  Impatiently waiting for these to arrive still...

My parents gave me the student book of this one and I've been trying to figure out how to properly utilize it.  Finally figured out to look for a teacher's edition, and hooray someone had one for a non astronomical price!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Mischief's infection

Mischief has had this sore behind her ear for over a year. It used to be smaller and not so bad but she picks at it and makes it worse. Neosporin made it go away for a while. Coconut oil helped a little too. But this past week I noticed it had gotten majorly worse, so today we headed to the doctors. 

And then headed to Target to pick up some prescriptions. 

Fingers crossed that this clears it up for good. She also gave me a different shampoo name to try on Ava's scaley scalp since T-Gel hasn't cleared it up. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

I butchered DQ's hair. I love it...not many agree with me.
Tonight Flower Pink is playing "I'm asleep." 
Just dont stop moving, woman
Tried swaddling her tight.  Worked great so long as I didnt stop walking and bouncing her. She'd peer at me every so often to let me know I was not the one in control here.
After an hour and a half, I gave my legs a break by trying out the rocking of her cradle.
That worked for about 3 minutes.  So we tried The Happiest Baby on the Block technique...swaddled, swaying, shushing....
If you have never watched the video to go with that book, I recommend it. It is hilarious!  It worked for about 2 minutes.
So I unwrapped her and got her to eat a little more and she finally zoned out a bit.
Almost asleep?
Maybe now?
Oh dear no.

Anti-gas drops and a plug....eyes are staying shut better now....

Perhaps she doesnt like me eating brownies.....

Apparently being 30+ years old has me pondering life and goals. It also has me looking at things differently. I feel like it's a bit selfish, but I am starting to change the way I put my desires, thoughts and feelings on the back burner.  This came about in part by these two shares by a gal in our ward who uses her facebook to share inspirational things.

Also having a 4th kid has helped too. 4 was always my minimum, but I put Mr. Man's opinion that 3 was plenty ahead of my own though I didn't feel complete. I am still open to more and thankfully he is now too. 
Anyway. I did try once to change to how things felt right for me, but found it difficult to keep it up when I was the only one (and it cost too much to replace glass food storage bowls that Mr. Man kept losing at work after I had successfully eliminated plastic from our cupboards...)

But having my 4th baby seems to have brought some strength to me, that my needs can be met even when it seems in opposition to someone else's desires, and the world wont come to an end. 

And so the main other things that have been sitting in my head are coming out for a try!  First, we are going to give homeschool a try this next school year. Mr. Man agreed hesitantly, mainly with the backing of that if it doesn't work out at least I will have it out of my system. My soul is singing with the anticipation of it! And my other weirdness that I desire is to make the girls wardrobes. So I am working on that. It is taking a while since sewing time and tiny baby do not really work out. 
And we are going to plant raspberries along the back of the trailer!  
It is nice to have hopes and dreams again and not feel bogged down with thinking it is worthless to have them. 

And now I am going to feed this baby and pass her off to her daddy whom she adores so I can work on her sisters Easter dresses some more.