I butchered DQ's hair. I love it...not many agree with me.
Tonight Flower Pink is playing "I'm asleep." 
Just dont stop moving, woman
Tried swaddling her tight.  Worked great so long as I didnt stop walking and bouncing her. She'd peer at me every so often to let me know I was not the one in control here.
After an hour and a half, I gave my legs a break by trying out the rocking of her cradle.
That worked for about 3 minutes.  So we tried The Happiest Baby on the Block technique...swaddled, swaying, shushing....
If you have never watched the video to go with that book, I recommend it. It is hilarious!  It worked for about 2 minutes.
So I unwrapped her and got her to eat a little more and she finally zoned out a bit.
Almost asleep?
Maybe now?
Oh dear no.

Anti-gas drops and a plug....eyes are staying shut better now....

Perhaps she doesnt like me eating brownies.....


sleepless said…
perhaps she is just a lousy sleeper like so many in our family....

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