Mischief's infection

Mischief has had this sore behind her ear for over a year. It used to be smaller and not so bad but she picks at it and makes it worse. Neosporin made it go away for a while. Coconut oil helped a little too. But this past week I noticed it had gotten majorly worse, so today we headed to the doctors. 

And then headed to Target to pick up some prescriptions. 

Fingers crossed that this clears it up for good. She also gave me a different shampoo name to try on Ava's scaley scalp since T-Gel hasn't cleared it up. 


Juli G said…
The BEST shampoo we have found is Tea Tree by Paul Mitchell. It smells like peppermint. Scrub it in and let it sit for a minute or two before you wash it out. Salons carry it, along with Supercuts, etc. Sometimes if I'm lucky I can get it at CVS or Target. Youngest had the equivalent of cradle cap until he was 7 or 8. Tea tree clears it up great without smelling funny and over drying.

As for the ears, once you get it cleared up, use sunscreen. If she wears her hair up often, it could be worsened by sun exposure. Good luck!
sleepless said…
Sandy uses that kind..I got it for dadu at Sallys here.the generic...

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