Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Been here 3 months

Flower Pink was 3 months old yesterday!  This little darling is a giggler, slightly ticklish, and has just started to figure out that peek-a-boo is supposed to be fun.  She loves nursery rhymes especially Humpty Dumpty and Jack and Jill.  Not much of a crier, she does talk in her way to let us know when she is done with something or in need.  If any show is on within her range of sight, she wants to be watching it.  She loves her toys very much and is happy to play with them for quite a long time.
She is a wonderful addition to our family.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Most often

She wakes up like this. I couldn't pick just one to post on Facebook, so here are a few smiles post nap. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The first walk to school since baby

Or, When I made the three year old walk a mile and a half just so I could use the pram. 

We did an additional mile to meet DQ after school. As a result, Sunshine did not make it from her bed to the potty in time tonight and I got to clean up poop before giving her a leg massage. She was so shaky just standing and cried at each step. We'll see how she does tomorrow afternoon when it really hits her. And yes I'll take the double jogger to give her a rest day. Ha. 

And this baby is a drool machine. Her top was soaked when I changed her to pajamas so I finally  gave in and broke out a bib. I need to make some cute drool bibs since this seems to not be a congestion related thing, as her congestion is clearing up. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Ah, Monday, we meet again. 

It's interesting to me how much my mood is effected by food.  If I haven't eaten, I'm like one of those snickers commercials.  I am unpleasant and can't snap out of it.  I was bemoaning how horrible I felt today and was blaming it on my basically restarting my medication, then I ate some dinner and as I was washing my hands after, I realized I was feeling content with life.  So today's grumpies were due to having only eaten chocolate chip cookies and top ramen.  

What, Mama? You wanted to work on a project now that my sisters are in bed? 

Nice try. 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

I guess Sunday is now park day. Preferably after church, but we have yet to make that happen. I know there are those who say there is no excuse to miss church but I struggle with waking up these days and even when I do get out of bed at a decent hour More often than not I fall back asleep somewhere else in the house. And Mr. Man rarely gets up before 10 on his own. 
So we at least are making there be family time and will watch a bible video later. 
Here are today's park photos. 

DQ worked and worked until she mastered this. 

Then she started working on doing it backwards. 
Flower pink has yet to enjoy it as much as her sisters.