Had a hard day today. Realized it is in part due to me not remembering my medication all week. I am also developing the cold that Flower Pink has. Poor girlie. She is so congested. 

The girls helped with my chores today. 
That was a nice change. I couldn't yell at all which was remarkably nice for me. 

Flower Pink struggled this afternoon with eating and sleeping and being nice in general.  Finally after her crying on and on while refusing to eat for a third feeding, I handed her to Mr. Man and hid in our bedroom. He came in, gave me the cash he had and told me to go out for as long as I needed. 

I walked around Target for a hour. Could find a snack that sounded yummy and would not make Flower Pink more miserable. 

Saw their new craft section. Love love love it!

Sniffed the soaps with the awesome labels. Though none were what was making that aisle smell fabulous so the $7 I had did not purchase one. 
Headed back to the craft aisle to see if something a friend wanted was there (no) but noticed this embroidery kit I want to copy. 
Laughed at someone's over ordering of Lemon pepper fish freezer meals
Saw a skirt DQ would like(she already has a very similar one). 
And scoffed at the shorts that would fit her terribly(both her legs could fit in one leg hole and probably still have room!) and seriously, what little girl needs shorts that short? Or anyone else....

Then I headed home, made myself an odd snack, listened to Flower Pink's chatting with her Elmo toy-she makes the sweetest sounds!-, and gave Mr. Man back his cash. 

Hand expressed my poor engorged breast into my cute little jar, which is perfectly shaped and sized for manual expressing. Totally need more now. Yes I know I could get a pump, but this doesn't often happen. 

Once asleep and in bed she nursed the other side just fine. Is sleeping fitfully though. I did sinus rinse her though so at least she can breathe!



Jamie Hatch said…
I've been longing for a stroll through Target, its refreshing to know I'm not really missing that much and you couldn't even find something to spend your "sanity" seven dollars on. I'm surprised you didn't stock up on your baby food jars!

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