I guess Sunday is now park day. Preferably after church, but we have yet to make that happen. I know there are those who say there is no excuse to miss church but I struggle with waking up these days and even when I do get out of bed at a decent hour More often than not I fall back asleep somewhere else in the house. And Mr. Man rarely gets up before 10 on his own. 
So we at least are making there be family time and will watch a bible video later. 
Here are today's park photos. 

DQ worked and worked until she mastered this. 

Then she started working on doing it backwards. 
Flower pink has yet to enjoy it as much as her sisters. 


Jamie Hatch said…
What a fun park! We haven't been to a park yet this spring. Hope you can remember to start taking your meds so you can start feeling better. Will you be coming up on Mother's day?
Beth said…
Where is this Park? Looks like lots of fun. Enjoy reading and seeing your posts.

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