Pioneer Book

When I was a kid, my family would pack up in the car and drive 12 hours to Utah each summer. I loved it. I loved playing with my cousins and sleeping over at their houses. Loved going to the water park and various stores only Utah has. One of those places was a magical hole in the wall used book shop. Every space was crammed with books. Narrow passages between full bookshelves, towers of books piled floor to ceiling, made it like a wonderous maze that was scented with that old book smell.
It moved to a temporary location after the row of shops it was in was being torn down to build something else (I think that was the reason) and I refused to go there even though it was fairly close to where we lived. Then it moved back to the street/city it was originally on and today we finally went to see it. Mr. Man inspired the trip because he was hopeful they had old warhammer game books. They didn't but they had several books I wanted and hope no one buys before I have money to buy them. 
They succeeded in keeping the feel of the old store within this new and more spacious location. I was thrilled to walk in and discover the smell was even there, despite the lack of towering piles of old books. DQ is going to love this place too. 


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