Tonight I am feeling content. This day wasn't that way the whole time, but lying here in bed getting ready to sleep, I am overall pleased with this day. 

DQ had a soccer game and their team won, though I hardly keep track of that. Mischief spent the game playing with DQ's best friend's baby sister. Sunshine successfully stayed dry today. Used the potty at the sports park and at Aunt April's. Mr. Man and I had a sushi lunch double date with a pair of coworkers and their little girl. I loved how dark her eyes and hair are and she had the funniest cute cheese smile. She enjoyed having a new audience. 
I went to the fabric store. Forgot my coupon for which I am kicking myself. They're hiring and I kind of wish I could work there part time. Mr. Man's hours are going to be changing, so he would be able to watch the kids, but I don't know that I want to pump for Flower Pink no to be able to eat since she nurses every 2 hours. 
I was irritable after the fabric store vi chalked it up to being caused by forgetting my coupon, not being able to get everything I wanted to because I didn't have my coupon, and spending more than I should have in general. 

When to the grocery store for dinner stuff and food for tomorrow. Once the kids were fed and two off to bed I actually had time to sew!  I'm practicing French seams. So yes, their summer pajamas are going to have lovely finishes inside. 

Here are a few pictures from lately. 


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