Sunday, April 12, 2015

Warm spring days

After a miserable nights sleep and a late/slow start to the day, I was irritable with our unbelievably loud, silly, rambunctious girls. So instead of sitting at home and increasing the spirit of contention already forming, I decided we would pack a lunch and head to a park. Of course I picked the park that I knew would keep them busy for a long time. 
Yes he has her sideways. Since her legs stay bunched up anyway I am okay with it. He's been informed her cant wear ther that way as she gets bigger. 
Sunshine was not a tire swing fan. Mischief wouldn't even try it. 
Drama Queen loved the tire swing. 
It was a well spent afternoon of family togetherness. Now the girls are helping clean up and put laundry away. Much fewer sillies and fights are ensuing. 
Grateful for: parks, my family, baby carriers, and working public restrooms (Sunshine needed to use it while we were there)

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Katie Bell said...

I love those parks. We have one by our house, just so you know for if you come visit, and it easily keeps the kids busiest for the longest. Go you.